The Vehicle-for-Hire Bylaw came into effect in July 2016. It was created to:

  • provide more opportunities for vehicle-for-hire drivers
  • establish a set of rules for private transportation companies (PTCs), including rules around safety, insurance and record keeping
  • establish a more flexible set of rules for the taxicab and limousine industry by reducing regulatory burden
  • provide access to accessible ground transportation

The City is undertaking a review of the bylaw as well as responding to a number of outstanding directives from Licensing and Standards Committee and City Council and will include:

  • how to proceed with an accessibility strategy
  • results of a congestion management study and a labour market impact study
  • recommendations for addressing new and/or outstanding issues

A report on the results of the review is expected at the Licensing and Standards Committee in the second quarter of 2019.

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Staff have developed a four-phase plan beginning in summer 2018. The plan includes:

Phase One: Public Consultations and Launching Studies – Q3 and Q4 2018
Phase Two: Executing Studies and Internal Research – Q4 2018 and Q1 2019
Phase Three: Final Analysis – Q1 2019
Phase Four: Report to Committee – Q2 2019

The consultation sessions will discuss the following:

  • accessibility
  • mandatory equipment (including cameras and passenger rear view mirrors)
  • vehicle requirements
  • rates and tariffs
  • safety measures

View the consultation schedule.