The City of Toronto is holding the fourth Street Needs Assessment (SNA) on the evening of April 26, 2018.

Hundreds of volunteers and team leads from community agencies and the City of Toronto will fan out across the city on that evening to ask people in shelters, overnight drop-ins and on the streets to complete a 23-question survey. Occupancy data will be collected in City-administered shelters and motel programs, Violence Against Women shelters, 24-hour drop-ins and winter respite programs. It will also include those with no fixed address staying in health care and corrections facilities. The count of unsheltered individuals will be done according to a generally accepted methodology to estimate the outdoor population.

The 2018 results will be compared to findings from 2006, 2009 and 2013 and will be used as a snapshot to measure the size and makeup of the City’s homeless population. The results help inform service planning as they provide a valuable source of feedback on the services that homeless people find useful in helping them to get into permanent housing and remain in their homes. For the first time, the City of Toronto’s SNA is part of the federal government’s national coordinated point-in-time count so the results will be included in the 2018 national snapshot of homelessness. We are also participating in a coordinated enumeration in Ontario

Representatives from the Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness and the Toronto Aboriginal Support Services Council sit on the steering committee overseeing the project. This year marks the introduction of Indigenous Team Leads and specific Indigenous Cultural Safety training for all participants. The direct-cost budget for the SNA is $250,000, paid by the federal government.