Role of the healthy workplace wellness committee


The formation of a workplace wellness committee is an important step in building a healthy work environment. This group will be responsible for planning and steering appropriate activities.

  • Recruit enthusiastic and representative members to the committee
  • Create a terms of reference (with the committee) that will include shared team values. This helps the committee function more efficiently and prevents many future problems
  • Clearly outline the roles of the committee
  • Acknowledge current or informal activities and collect baseline data
  • Identify the key needs and expectations of the workplace
  • Develop a detailed plan
  • Put your plan into action
  • Monitor, evaluate and maintain the program

Committee members

Identify one or a small group of key individuals who will recruit a committee that is representative of the various groups within the organization. It may be a joint committee from labour and management or a new committee. Many organizations build on their existing Joint Occupational Health and Safety committees.

Examples of membership

  • Management
  • Employees
  • Health and safety
  • Administrative support
  • Union/worker representatives
  • Human resources/training and development
  • Marketing and communications
  • Employee assistance program (EAP) provider
  • Other key stakeholders
  • Have someone interested in becoming the chair or leading the committee

The healthy workplace wellness committee chair:

  • Ensures the terms of reference are followed
  • Drafts the agenda
  • Facilitates meetings
  • Delegates the task of recording and distributing minutes to committee members on a rotating basis
  • Recognizes the efforts and accomplishments of committee members (i.e. provision of refreshments/food at meetings, acknowledgement at annual meetings, expression of gratitude for time and commitment of stakeholders)

Terms of reference

Create a terms of reference to provide a framework for the committee. Determine the vision which will provide direction for activities and allocation of resources. Schedule meetings well in advance. Establish an agenda, circulate it prior to meetings, and capture the proceedings in recorded minutes.


Actions to take

Obtain management support to establish a new healthy workplace wellness committee or integrate workplace health into a pre-existing committee. Recruit membership for the committee by communicating through presentations, posters, emails, and/or individual dialogues.


 Progress checklist

  • Support for the wellness committee and overall vision for workplace health has been obtained from management and employees
  • Committee reflects all levels and departments
  • A chair has been identified
  • Terms of reference have been developed
  • A vision statement has been included in the terms of reference
  • A process has been established to facilitate communication among all stakeholders