Grade 7 School Immunization Program

Every year, Toronto Public Health provides free vaccination to Grade 7 students in the schools. The three vaccines are:

What Parents Need to Do

Read and sign the consent form / consentement à la vaccination

  • If your child has already been vaccinated, provide the trade name of the vaccine and dates given on the consent form
  • Return the consent form to your child’s homeroom teacher
  • To find the date of your child’s school clinic, visit school clinics

Students in Grade 8, who missed the vaccines in Grade 7 are still eligible for the free vaccines through the school clinics. Contact Toronto Public Health at 416-392-1250.

High School Students

High school students, who missed the vaccines offered in Grade 7 may be eligible for the free vaccines. Make an appointment at a community clinic online.

High school students who missed the meningococcal and hepatitis B vaccines are still eligible for the free vaccines through our community clinics. High school female students are also eligible for the HPV vaccine series. Make an appointment online. Due to high volume, we do not take walk-in clients.

Choose one of the following options:

  • Call us at 416-392-1250
  • Report online (Allow 2 days for the record to be updated)
  • Mail a photocopy of your child’s immunization record to Toronto Public Health – Immunization, 235 Danforth Avenue, 2nd floor. Toronto, ON M4K 1N2

To reduce barriers, we offer:

  • interpreter services, when you telephone
  • translation of student foreign immunization records
  • app to keep your family’s immunization record all in one place
  • free immunization clinics for students without a health card or family doctor

Students without the required vaccines will receive two notices asking for updated immunization information. To avoid school suspension, please report your child’s immunization, every time they receive a vaccine or booster.

Additional Information