Toronto Public Health provides free vaccination for all Grades 7 students, with signed consent. The school clinic dates may change, based on school needs. To confirm the date of your child’s school vaccination clinic, call us at 416-392-1250.

Updated September 13, 2018

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School Address Date Time
Africentric Alternative School 1430 Sheppard Avenue West Nov. 8 p.m.
Agnes MacPhail Public School 112 Goldhawk Trail Sept. 28 a.m.
Albion Heights Junior Middle School 45 Lynmont Road Nov. 27 a.m.
Alexander Muir / Gladstone Ave Junior and Senior Public School 108 Gladstone Avenue Oct. 25 a.m.
Alexander Stirling Public School 70 Fawcett Trail Oct. 29 a.m.
All Saints Catholic School 1435 Royal York Road Nov. 28 all day
Alpha II Alternative School 1141 Bloor Street Sept. 27 p.m.
Alvin Curling Public School 50 Upper Rouge Trail Oct. 15 a.m.
Amesbury Middle School 201 Gracefield Avenue Nov. 1 all day
Annette Street Junior and Senior Public School 265 Annette Street Nov. 6 a.m.
Annunciation Catholic School 65 Avonwick Gate Sept. 24 a.m.
Anson Park Public School 30 MacDuff Crescent Oct. 30 p.m.
ARS Armenian School 50 Hallcrown Place Nov 15 a.m.
Associated Hebrew Day School Hurwich Campus 252 Finch Avenue West Oct. 22 a.m.
Avondale Elementary Alternative School 171 Avondale Avenue Nov. 22 p.m.
Avondale Public School 171 Avondale Avenue Nov. 22 p.m.
Bais Yaakov Elementary School 15 Saranac Boulevard Nov. 16 a.m.
Banting & Best Public School 380 Goldhawk Trail Oct. 22 p.m.
Bayview Glen School 85 Moatfield Drive Oct. 25 a.m.
Bayview Middle School 25 Bunty Lane Nov. 22 all day
Beaumonde Heights Junior Middle School 70 Monterrey Drive Oct. 16 a.m.
Bedford Park Public School 81 Ranleigh Avenue Oct. 12 a.m.
Ben Heppner Vocal Music Academy 80 Slan Avenue Oct. 16 p.m.
Bessborough Drive Elementary and Middle School 211 Bessborough Drive Dec. 5 a.m.
Beverley Heights Middle School 26 Troutbrooke Drive Nov. 21 all day
Beverley Public School 64 Baldwin Street Oct. 10 p.m.
Bialik Hebrew Day School 2760 Bathurst Street Oct. 19 p.m.
Birch Cliff Heights Public School 120 Highview Avenue Oct. 9 p.m.
Birch Cliff Public School 1650 Kingston Road Oct. 9 a.m.
Bishop Strachan School, The 298 Lonsdale Road Oct. 10 a.m.
Blantyre Public School 290 Blantyre Avenue Nov. 7 p.m.
Blessed Margherita of Citta di Castello Catholic School 108 Spenvalley Drive Dec. 12 p.m.
Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati Catholic School 8 Seasons Drive Nov. 2 p.m.
Blessed Pope Paul VI Catholic School 270 Laughton Avenue Nov. 29 p.m.
Blessed Sacrament Catholic School 24 Bedford Park Avenue Dec. 14 p.m.
Blessed Trinity Catholic School 3205 Bayview Avenue Sept. 25 p.m.
Bliss Carman Senior Public School 10 Bellamy Road South Dec. 13 all day
Bloordale Middle School 10 Toledo Road Nov 9 all day
Bloorlea Middle School 4050 Bloor Street West Dec. 13 all day
Bowmore Road Junior and Senior Public School 80 Bowmore Road Dec. 5 all day
Boys Leadership Academy 45 Golfdown Drive Oct. 3 p.m.
Branksome Hall 10 Elm Avenue Oct. 17 all day
Brock Public School 93 Margueretta Street Sept. 28 a.m.
Brookside Public School 75 Oasis Boulevard Dec. 12 all day
Brookview Middle School 4505 Jane Street Nov. 12 all day
Bruce Public School 51 Larchmount Avenue Oct. 15 p.m.
Buchanan Public School 4 Buchanan Road Oct. 12 a.m.
C. R. Marchant Middle School 1 Ralph Street Nov. 27 all day
Canadian Martyrs Catholic School 520 Plains Road Sept. 25 a.m.
Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts 36 Greenfield Avenue Oct. 1 a.m.
Cardinal Leger Catholic School 600 Morrish Road Oct. 23 p.m.
Carleton Village Junior and Senior Sports and Wellness Academy 315 Osler Street Nov. 30 p.m.
Cedarbrook Public School 56 Nelson Street Nov. 5 a.m.
Cedarvale Community School 145 Ava Road Sept 25 a.m.
Charles E. Webster Public School 1900 Keele Street Oct. 9 p.m.
Charles Gordon Senior Public School 25 Marcos Boulevard Dec. 12 all day
Charles H. Best Middle School 285 Wilmington Avenue Nov. 30 all day
Chief Dan George Public School 185 Generation Boulevard Oct. 11 a.m.
Chine Drive Public School 51 Chine Drive Oct. 12 p.m.
Churchill Heights Public School 749 Brimorton Drive Oct. 1 p.m.
City View Alternative Senior School 38 Shirley Street, Floor 3 Oct. 2 p.m.
Clairlea Public School 25 Rosalind Crescent Oct. 25 a.m.
Claude Watson School for the Arts 50 Spring Garden Avenue Oct. 9 a.m.
Cliffside Public School 27 East Haven Drive Oct. 17 p.m.
College Francais 100 Carlton Street Nov. 12 a.m.
Cosburn Middle School 520 Cosburn Avenue Nov. 27 all day
Courcelette Public School 100 Fallingbrook Road Oct. 10 a.m.
Crawford Adventist Academy 531 Finch Avenue West Oct. 1 p.m.
Crescent School, The 2365 Bayview Avenue Oct. 22 all day
Crestwood Preparatory College 217 Brookbanks Drive Oct. 16 a.m.
Cummer Valley Middle School 70 Maxome Avenue Dec. 14 all day
D. A. Morrison Middle School 271 Gledhill Avenue Nov. 7 all day
Danforth Gardens Public School 20 Santamonica Boulevard Nov. 2 a.m.
D’Arcy McGee Catholic School 20 Bansley Avenue Oct. 9 p.m.
David Lewis Public School 130 Fundy Bay Boulevard Oct. 22 a.m.
De La Salle College 131 Farnham Avenue Oct. 3 a.m.
Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School 23 Ferndale Avenue Nov. 12 all day
Delta Alternative Senior School 301 Montrose Avenue Sept. 26 a.m.
Divine Infant, The Catholic School 30 Ingleton Boulevard Sept. 26 p.m.
Dixon Grove Junior Middle School 315 The Westway Dec. 6 all day
Don Mills Middle School 17 The Donway East Dec. 13 all day
Don Valley Junior High School 3100 Don Mills Road Oct. 30 all day
Donview Middle School 20 Evermede Drive Dec. 13 all day
Donwood Park  Public School 601 Dorcot Avenue Dec. 14 a.m.
Dorset Park Public School 28 Blaisdale Road Sept. 26 p.m.
Dovercourt Public School 228 Bartlett Avenue Sept. 27 a.m.
Downtown Vocal Music Academy of Toronto 96 Denison Avenue Oct. 25 a.m.
Dr. Marion Hilliard Senior Public School 280 Washburn Way Dec. 13 all day
Dublin Heights Elementary and Middle School 100 Bainbridge Avenue Oct. 30 all day
Duke of Connaught Junior and Senior Public School 70 Woodfield Road Nov. 29 all day
Earl Beatty Junior and Senior Public School 55 Woodington Avenue Sept. 27 p.m.
Earl Grey Senior Public School 100 Strathcona Avenue Nov. 20 and Nov. 21 all day
Earl Haig Public School 15 Earl Haig Avenue Oct. 12 a.m.
East Alternative School of Toronto 21 Boultbee Avenue Sept. 27 p.m.
Eastview Public School 20 Waldock Street Nov. 9 a.m.
Edgewood Public School 230 Birkdale Road Sept. 28 p.m.
Eitz Chaim Day School Patricia Campus 475 Patricia Ave. Oct. 23 a.m.
Elia Middle School 215 Sentinel Road Oct. 11 all day
Ellesmere-Statton Public School 739 Ellesmere Road Dec. 6 all day
Elmbank Junior Middle Academy 10 Pittsboro Drive Nov. 22 a.m.
Elms Junior Middle School 45 Golfdown Drive Oct. 9 a.m.
Emily Carr Public School 90 John Tabor Trail Oct. 23 a.m.
Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy 3150 Pharmacy Avenue Oct. 22 p.m.
Equinox Holistic Alternative School 151 Hiawatha Road Oct. 1 a.m.
Essex Junior and Senior Public School 50 Essex Street Sept. 28 a.m.
Étienne-Brûlé E.S. 300 Banbury Road Dec. 4 all day
Fairbank Public School 2335 Dufferin Street Oct. 19 a.m.
Fairmount Public School 31 Sloley Road Oct. 18 a.m.
Father Serra Catholic School 111 Sun Row Drive Nov. 26 a.m.
Faywood Arts-Based Curriculum School 95 Faywood Boulevard Oct. 3 p.m.
Fern Avenue Junior and Senior Public School 128 Fern Avenue Nov. 14 all day
First Nations Junior and Senior School of Toronto 16 Phin Ave. Oct. 1 p.m.
Fisherville Senior Public School 425 Patricia Avenue Nov. 21 a.m.
Fleming Public School 20 Littles Road Oct. 23 p.m.
Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School 78 Dunloe Road Oct. 17 all day
Frank Oke Secondary School 500 Alliance Avenue Nov. 5 p.m.
Galloway Road Public School 192 Galloway Road Sept. 25 p.m.
General Brock Public School 140 Chestnut Crescent Oct. 25 p.m.
General Crerar Public School 30 McGregor Road Sept. 25 a.m.
George B. Little Public School 125 Orton Park Road Nov. 28 a.m.
George Peck Public School 1 Wayne Avenue Oct. 1 a.m.
George Webster Public School 90 Balfour Avenue Nov. 9 all day
Glen Ames Senior Public School 18 Williamson Road Dec. 10 all day
Glenview Senior Public School 401 Rosewell Avenue Dec. 11 and Dec. 12 all day
Gordon A. Brown Middle School 2800 St. Clair Avenue East Nov. 30 all day
Greenholme Junior Middle School 10 Jamestown Crescent Oct. 16 p.m.
Greenwood College 443 Mt. Pleasant Road Oct. 16 a.m.
Gulfstream Public School 20 Gulfstream Road Oct. 23 a.m.
Harwood Public School 50 Leigh Street Nov. 30 a.m.
Havergal College 1451 Avenue Road Oct. 5 all day
Henry Hudson Senior Public School 350 Orton Park Road Dec. 11 all day
Henry Kelsey Senior Public School 1200 Huntingwood Drive Nov. 8 all day
Heritage Park Public School 80 Old Finch Avenue Oct. 11 p.m.
High Park Alternative Junior School 265 Annette Street Nov. 19 p.m.
Highcastle Public School 370 Military Trail Nov. 9 p.m.
Highland Creek Public School 1410 Military Trail Oct. 19 p.m.
Highland Junior High School 201 Cliffwood Road Nov. 7 all day
Hilltop Middle School 35 Trehorne Drive Nov. 30 all day
Hodgson Senior Public School 282 Davisville Avenue Nov. 26 all day
Hollycrest Middle School 630 Renforth Drive Dec. 11 all day
Holy Angels Catholic School 65 Jutland Road Dec. 14 a.m.
Holy Child Catholic School 850 Humberwood Boulevard Oct. 23 p.m.
Holy Cross Catholic School 299A Donlands Avenue Sept. 27 a.m.
Holy Family Catholic School 141 Close Avenue Sept. 28 p.m.
Holy Name Catholic School 690 Carlaw Avenue Nov. 6 p.m.
Holy Rosary Catholic School 308 Tweedsmuir Avenue Oct. 3 p.m.
Holy Spirit Catholic School 3530 Sheppard Avenue East Dec. 14 p.m.
Holy Trinity 6 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr Oct. 1 a.m.
Horizon Alternative Senior School 570 Shaw Street Nov. 7 p.m.
Hudson College 21 Ascot Ave Oct. 30 p.m.
Humber Summit Middle School 60 Pearldale Avenue Dec. 3 all day
Humber Valley Village Junior Middle School 65 Hartfield Road Nov. 29 a.m.
Humbercrest Public School 14 St. Marks Road Nov. 1 all day
Humberwood Downs Junior Middle Academy 850  Humberwood Boulevard Oct. 12 a.m.
Humewood Community School 15 Cherrywood Avenue Oct. 19 p.m.
Immaculate Conception Catholic School 23 Comay Road Nov. 5 a.m.
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School 101 Birchmount Road Oct. 10 p.m.
Ionview Public School 90 Ionview Road Oct. 9 p.m.
Islamic Foundation 441 Nugget Avenue Oct. 17 a.m.
Islington Junior Middle School 44 Cordova Avenue Nov. 26 p.m.
J. B. Tyrrell Senior Public School 10 Corinthian Boulevard Nov. 13 all day
J. G. Workman Public School 487 Birchmount Road Oct. 3 p.m.
J. R. Wilcox Community School 231 Ava Road Sept. 25 p.m.
Jack Miner Senior Public School 405 Guildwood Parkway Nov. 30 all day
James Culnan Catholic School 605 Willard Avenue Dec. 5 p.m.
James S. Bell Junior Middle School 90 Thirsty First Street Nov. 21 a.m.
Jesse Ketchum Junior and Senior Public School 61 Davenport Road Dec. 11 all day
John A. Leslie Public School 459 Midland Avenue Nov. 7 a.m.
John Buchan Senior Public School 2450 Birchmount Road Dec. 5 all day
John English Junior Middle School 95 Mimico Avenue Nov. 28 all day
John G. Althouse Middle School 130 Lloyd Manor Road Dec. 14 all day
John G. Diefenbaker Public School 70 Dean Park Road Nov. 5 p.m.
John McCrae Public School 431 McCowan Road Dec. 6 a.m.
Joseph Brant Public School 270 Manse Road Nov. 22 a.m.
Joseph Howe Senior Public School 20 Winter Gardens Terrace Dec. 4 all day
Josyf Cardinal Slipyj Catholic School 35 West Deane Park Drive Oct. 10 a.m.
Karen Kain School of the Arts 60 Berl Avenue Oct. 18 a.m.
Keele Street Public School 99 MountView Avenue Oct. 22 a.m.
Kennedy Public School 20 Elmfield Crescent Oct. 29 a.m.
King Edward Jr & Sr PS 112 Lippincott St Dec. 17 and Dec 18 all day
Kingsway College School 4600 Dundas Street West Oct. 5 a.m.
Knob Hill Public School 25 Seminole Avenue Nov. 5 a.m.
Lambton-Kingsway Junior Middle School 525 Prince Edward Druve Oct. 2 a.m.
Lanor Junior Middle School 450 Lanor Avenue Oct. 25 p.m.
Lawrence Heights Middle School 50 Highland Hill Nov. 14 a.m.
Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School 95 Falkirk Street Nov. 23 all day
Leo Baeck Day School – Holy Blossom Campus 501 Arlington Avenue Oct. 11 a.m.
Lester B Pearson Elementary School 7 Snowcrest Avenue Nov. 28 a.m.
Lord Dufferin Junior and Senior Public School 350 Parliament Street Nov. 27 a.m.
Lucy Maud Montgomery Public School 95 Murison Boulevard Oct. 11 a.m.
Lycee Francais de Toronto 2327 Dufferin St. Oct. 10 a.m.
Macklin Public School 136 Ingleton Boulevard Oct. 22 a.m.
Madinatul Uloom Islamic – Boy Campus 700 Progress Nov. 15 a.m.
Madinatul Uloom Islamic – Girl Campus 670 Progress Ave Nov. 15 a.m.
Maple Leaf Public School 301 Culford Rd. Nov. 5 p.m.
Market Lane Junior and Senior Public School 246 The Esplanade Sept. 27 a.m.
Mary Shadd Public School 135 Hupfield Trail Nov. 27 a.m.
Maryvale Public School 1325 Pharmacy Avenue Oct. 1 p.m.
Meadowvale Public School 761 Meadowvale Road Oct. 18 a.m.
Military Trail Public School 701 Military Trail Oct. 30 a.m.
Milliken Public School 130 Port Royal Trail Oct. 29 p.m.
Milne Valley Middle School 100 Underhill Drive Dec. 5 and Dec 6. all day
Monseigneur-de-Charbonnel E.S.C. 110 Drewry Avenue Dec. 14 a.m.
Monsignor John Corrigan Catholic School 100 Royalcrest Road Oct. 15 p.m.
Montcrest School 4 Montcrest Blvd. Dec 7 p.m.
Morrish Public School 61 Canmore Boulevard Oct. 23 a.m.
Mother Cabrini Catholic School 720 Renforth Drive Oct. 9 p.m.
Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School 35 Saffron Crescent Nov. 20 p.m.
Nelson Mandela Park Public School 440 Shuter Street Sept. 26 a.m.
Norseman Junior Middle School 105 Norseman Street Oct. 30 all day
North Kipling Junior Middle School 2 Rowntree Road Oct. 17 all day
North Toronto Christian School 255 Yorkland Boulevard Oct. 18 a.m.
Northlea Elementary and Middle School 305 Rumsey Road Oct. 18 a.m.
Oakdale Park Middle School 315 Grandravine Drive Nov. 22 all day
Orde Street 18 Orde St Oct. 25 p.m.
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School 3176 St. Clair Avenue East Nov. 22 all day
Our Lady of Grace Catholic School 121 Brimwood Boulevard Sept. 26 a.m.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School 3105 Don Mills Road Nov. 2 p.m.
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School 444 Sherbourne Street Oct. 16 p.m.
Our Lady of Peace Catholic School 70 Mattice Avenue Dec. 3 a.m.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School 1 1/2 Garfield Avenue Oct. 25 p.m.
Our Lady of Sorrows Secondary School 32 Montgomery Road Oct. 11 all day
Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School 125 Glenmount Avenue Sept. 26 a.m.
Our Lady of Victory Catholic School 70 Guestville Avenue Oct. 9 a.m.
Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic School 10 Japonica Road Oct. 25 p.m.
Park Lane Public School 60 Park Lane Circle Oct. 12 p.m.
Park Lawn Junior Middle School 71 Ballacaine Drive Dec. 14 p.m.
Parkdale Junior and Senior Public School 78 Seaforth Avenue Dec. 5 a.m.
Pierre Laporte Middle School 1270 Wilson Avenue Nov. 26 all day
Pleasant View Junior High School 175 Brian Drive Nov. 23 all day
Pope Francis 319 Ossington Avenue Sept. 25 a.m.
Port Royal Public School 408 Port Royal Trail Oct. 19 p.m.
Portage Trail Community School 100 Sidney Belsey Crescent Nov. 14 all day
Precious Blood Catholic School 1035 Pharmacy Avenue Oct. 3 a.m.
Prince of Peace Catholic School 255 Alton Towers Circle Oct. 22 p.m.
Queen Alexandra Middle School 181 Broadview Avenue Dec. 4 all day
Queen Victoria Public School 100 Close Avenue Nov. 9 all day
Quest Alternative Senior School 25 Bain Avenue Nov. 14 p.m.
R. J. Lang Elementary and Middle School 227 Drewry Avenue Nov. 21 p.m.
Rawlinson Community School 231 Glenholme Avenue Oct. 19 a.m.
Regent Heights Public School 555 Pharmacy Avenue Nov. 2 p.m.
Regina Mundi Catholic School 70 Playfair Avenue Sept. 24 p.m.
Robbins Hebrew Academy 1700 Bathurst St. Oct. 25 a.m.
Robert Service Senior Public School 945 Danforth Road Nov. 6 all day
Rockcliffe Middle School 400 Rockcliffe Boulevard Nov. 5 all day
Roden Public School 151 Hiawatha Road Oct. 1 a.m.
Rouge Valley Public School 30 Durnford Road Nov. 27 p.m.
Royal St. George’s College 120 Howland Avenue Oct. 5 a.m.
Runnymede Junior and Senior Public School 357 Runnymede Road Oct. 19 all day
Ryerson Community School 96 Denison Avenue Oct. 25 a.m.
Sacred Heart Catholic School 75 Hupfield Trail Oct. 29 p.m.
Saint-Frère-André E.S.C. 330 Landsdown Avenue Nov. 7 a.m.
Samuel Hearne Middle School 21 Newport Avenue Nov. 14 all day
Santa Maria Catholic School 25 Avon Avenue Oct. 10 p.m.
Scarborough Village Public School 15 Luella Street Oct. 10 p.m.
Second Street Junior Middle School 71 Second Street Oct. 1 a.m.
Seneca School 580 Rathburn Rd. Nov. 19 a.m.
Shaughnessy Public School 30 Shaughnessy Boulevard Nov. 28 p.m.
Silver Springs Public School 222 Silver Springs Boulevard Oct. 19 a.m.
Silverthorn Community School 300 Kane Avenue Oct. 10 a.m.
Sir Alexander MacKenzie Senior Public School 33 Heather Road Nov. 21 all day
Sir Ernest MacMillan Senior Public School 149 Huntsmill Boulevard Dec. 14 all day
Smithfield Middle School 175 Mount Olive Drive Dec. 4 and Dec. 5 all day
Spectrum Alternative Senior School 43 Millwood Road Nov. 26 p.m.
Sprucecourt Public School 70 Spruce Street Sept. 27 p.m.
St. Agatha Catholic School 49 Cathedral Bluffs Drive Oct. 17 a.m.
St. Agnes Catholic School 280 Otonabee Avenue Oct. 23 p.m.
St. Aidan Catholic School 3521 Finch Avenue East Oct. 22 a.m.
St. Albert Catholic School 1125 Midland Avenue Oct. 3 a.m.
St. Alphonsus Catholic School 60 Atlas Avenue Oct. 11 p.m.
St. Ambrose Catholic School 20 Coules Court Oct. 2 a.m.
St. Andre Catholic School 36 Yvonne Avenue Nov. 12 p.m.
St. Andrew Catholic School 2533 Kipling Avenue Oct. 12 a.m.
St. Andrew’s Junior High School 131 Fenn Avenue Nov. 28 all day
St. Andrews Public School 60 Brimorton Drive Sept. 25 p.m.
St. Angela Catholic School 220 Muont Olive Drive Oct. 22 a.m.
St. Anselm Catholic School 182 Bessorough Drive Nov. 14 p.m.
St. Anthony Catholic School 130 Shanly Street Sept. 26 p.m.
St. Antoine Daniel Catholic School 160 Finch Avenue West Sept. 28 a.m.
St. Augustine Catholic School 98 Shoreham Drive Dec. 6 p.m.
St. Barbara Catholic School 25 Janray Drive Oct. 16 a.m.
St. Barnabas Catholic School 30 Washburn Way Oct. 11 p.m.
St. Bartholomew Catholic School 51 Heather Road Nov. 20 p.m.
St. Bede Catholic School 521 Sewells Road Oct. 15 p.m.
St. Benedict Catholic School 2202 Kipling Avenue Oct. 17 all day
St. Bernard Catholic School 12 Duckworth Avenue Oct. 3 a.m.
St. Bonaventure Catholic School 1340 Leslie Street Oct. 18 a.m.
St. Boniface Catholic School 20 Markanna Drive Sept 27 p.m.
St. Brendan Catholic School 186 Centennial Road Oct. 19 a.m.
St. Brigid Catholic School 50 Woodmount Avenue Oct. 30 a.m.
St. Bruno Catholic School 402 Melita Crescent Sept. 26 a.m.
St. Catherine Catholic School 30 Roanoke Road Oct. 12 a.m.
St. Cecilia Catholic School 355 Annette Street Oct. 23 a.m.
St. Charles Catholic School 50 Claver Avenue Sept. 24 a.m.
St. Charles Garnier Catholic School 20 Stong Court Oct. 16 p.m.
St. Clare Catholic School 124 Northcliffe Boulevard Sept. 28 a.m.
St. Clement Catholic School 4319 Bloor Street West Oct. 19 p.m.
St. Clement’s School 21 St. Clement’s Avenue Nov 16 p.m.
St. Columba Catholic School 10 John Tabor Trail Oct. 15 p.m.
St. Conrad Catholic School 5 Exbury Road Dec. 6 a.m.
St. Cyril Catholic School 18 Kempford Boulevard Oct. 11 a.m.
St. Demetrius Catholic School 125 La Rose Avenue Nov. 21 p.m.
St. Denis Catholic School 67 Balsam Avenue Dec. 4 p.m.
St. Dominic Savio Catholic School 50 Tideswell Boulevard Oct. 18 a.m.
St. Dorothy Catholic School 155 John Garland Boulevard Oct. 15 p.m.
St. Dunstan Catholic School 14 Pharmacy Avenue Nov. 21 p.m.
St. Edmund Campion Catholic School 30 Highcastle Road Sept. 27 a.m.
St. Edward Catholic School 1 Botham Road Sept. 28 p.m.
St. Elizabeth Catholic School 5 Redcar Avenue Nov. 29 p.m.
St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic School 25 Havenview Road Oct. 15 p.m.
St. Eugene Catholic School 30 Westroyal Road Nov. 29 p.m.
St. Fidelis Catholic School 9 Bannerman Street Oct. 16 a.m.
St. Florence Catholic School 101 Murison Boulevard Nov. 13 p.m.
St. Francis de Sales Catholic School 333 Firgrove Crescent Nov. 22 p.m.
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School 80 Clinton Street Oct. 10 p.m.
St. Francis Xavier Catholic School 53 Gracefield Avenue Oct. 30 p.m.
St. Gabriel Catholic School 396 Spring Garden Avenue Oct. 11 p.m.
St. Gabriel Lalemant Catholic School 160 Crow Trail Oct. 30 p.m.
St. Gerald Catholic School 200 Old Sheppard Avenue Oct. 9 p.m.
St. Gregory Catholic School 126 Rathburn Road Nov. 29 a.m.
St. Helen Catholic School 1196 College Street Sept. 25 a.m.
St. Henry Catholic School 100 Bamburgh Circle Oct. 16 p.m.
St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School 2350 McCowan Road Oct. 17 p.m.
St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School 1330 York Mills Road Nov. 27 p.m.
St. James Catholic School 230 Humbercrest Boulevard Oct. 22 p.m.
St. Jane Frances Catholic School 2745 Jane Street Oct. 15 all day
St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic School 101 Dean Park Road Nov. 5 p.m.
St. Jerome Catholic School 111 Sharpecroft Boulevard Oct. 18 a.m.
St. Joachim Catholic School 3395 St Clair Avenue East Nov. 21 a.m.
St. John Bosco Catholic School 75 Holmesdale Road Sept. 26 p.m.
St. John Catholic School 780 Kingston Road Dec. 4 a.m.
St. John the Evangelist Catholic School 20 Beverly Hills Drive Oct. 3 p.m.
St. John Vianney Catholic School 105 Thistledown Boulevard Dec. 3 p.m.
St. John XXIII Catholic School 175 Grenoble Drive Oct. 12 p.m.
St. Josaphat Catholic School 110 Tenth Street Nov. 21 p.m.
St. Joseph Catholic School 176 Leslie Street Oct. 15 a.m.
St. Jude Catholic School 3251 Weston Road Oct. 19 a.m.
St. Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic School 70 Christina Avenue Nov. 9 p.m.
St. Kevin Catholic School 15 Murray Glen Drive Oct. 3 p.m.
St. Lawrence Catholic School 2216 Lawrence Avenue East Nov. 14 a.m.
St. Leo Catholic School 165 Stanley Avenue Oct. 1 p.m.
St. Louis Catholic School 11 Morgan Avenue Oct. 1 p.m.
St. Luigi Catholic School 2 Ruskin Avenue Sept. 27 p.m.
St. Malachy Catholic School 80 Bennett Road Nov. 28 p.m.
St. Marcellus Catholic School 15 Denfield Street Nov. 15 a.m.
St. Margaret Catholic School 50 Ameer Avenue Dec. 6 all day
St. Margaret’s Public School 235 Galloway Road Sept. 27 p.m.
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School 75 Alexmuir Boulevard Sept. 28 p.m.
St. Maria Goretti Catholic School 21 Kenmark Boulevard Nov. 29 all day
St. Mark Catholic School 45 Cloverhill Road Oct. 22 p.m.
St. Martha School Catholic School 1865 Sheppard Avenue West Nov. 6 p.m.
St. Martin de Porres Catholic School 230 Morningside Avenue Nov. 5 p.m.
St. Mary Catholic School 20 Portugal Square Sept. 25 p.m.
St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School 1477 Dufferin Street Sept. 26 p.m.
St. Matthew Catholic School 18 Lavender Road Oct. 23 p.m.
St. Matthias Catholic School 101 Van Horne Avenue Sept. 25 a.m.
St. Maurice Catholic School 45 Kingsview Boulevard Oct. 2 p.m.
St. Michael Catholic School 50 George St. South Nov. 12 p.m.
St. Michael’s Choir School 67 Bond Street Nov. 27 p.m.
St. Michael’s College School 1515 Bathurst Street Oct. 24 all day
St. Monica Catholic School 14 Broadway Avenue Oct. 24 a.m.
St. Nicholas Catholic School 33 Amarillo Drive Oct. 9 a.m.
St. Nicholas of Bari Catholic School 363 Rogers Road Oct. 12 a.m.
St. Norbert Catholic School 60 Maniza Road Sept. 28 p.m.
St. Paschal Baylon Catholic School 15 St. Paschal Court Oct. 23 all day
St. Paul Catholic School 80 Sackville Street Sept. 26 p.m.
St. Pius X Catholic School 71 Jane Street Nov. 15 a.m.
St. Raphael Catholic School 3 Gade Drive Dec. 4 p.m.
St. Rene Goupil Catholic School 44 Port Royal Trail Nov. 15 a.m.
St. Richard Catholic School 960 Bellamy Road North Oct. 10 a.m.
St. Rita Catholic School 178 Edwin Avenue Sept. 27 a.m.
St. Robert Catholic School 70 Bainbridge Avenue Oct. 3 a.m.
St. Roch Catholic School 174 Duncanwoods Drive Nov. 27 p.m.
St. Rose of Lima Catholic School 3220 Lawrence Avenue East Oct. 1 a.m.
St. Sebastian Catholic School 717 Brock Avenue Sept. 25 p.m.
St. Simon Catholic School 20 Wallasey Avenue Oct. 3 a.m.
St. Stephen Catholic School 55 Golfdown Drive Dec. 12 a.m.
St. Sylvester Catholic School 260 Silver Springs Boulevard Dec 10 p.m.
St. Theresa Shrine Catholic School 2665 Kingston Road Oct. 17 p.m.
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School 636 Glenholme Avenue Oct. 9 a.m.
St. Thomas More Catholic School 2300 Ellesmere Road Dec. 6 p.m.
St. Timothy Catholic School 25 Rochelle Crescent Nov. 27 a.m.
St. Ursula Catholic School 215 Livingston Road Nov. 22 p.m.
St. Victor Catholic School 20 Bernadine Street Sept. 28 a.m.
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School 116 Fermanagh Avenue Sept. 28 a.m.
St. Wilfrid Catholic School 1685 Finch Ave. West Nov. 8 a.m.
Stella Maris Catholic School 31 Ascot Avenue Oct. 30 a.m.
Sterling Hall School of Toronto 99 Cartwright Avenue Nov. 15 a.m.
Sts. Cosmas and Damian Catholic School 111 Danesbury Avenue Sept. 24 p.m.
Sunny View Junior and Senior Public School 450 Blythwood Road Oct. 10 p.m.
Swansea Junior and Senior Public School 207 Windermere Avenue Nov. 7 all day
Taylor Creek 644 Warden Avenue Oct. 12 p.m.
Tecumseh Senior Public School 720 Scarborough Golf Club Road Dec. 11 all day
Terraview-Willowfield Public School 95 Pachino Boulevard Sept. 26 a.m.
Terry Fox Public School 185 Wintermute Boulevard Oct. 16 a.m.
Thomas L. Wells Public School 69 Nightstar Road Nov. 2 a.m.
Toronto Cheder Nov. 29 p.m.
Toronto French School 101 Mildenhall Rd. Oct. 15 all day
Toronto Heschel 819 Sheppard Avenue West Nov. 29 a.m.
Toronto Ouest E.S. 330 Landsdown Avenue Nov. 15 a.m.
Toronto Prep School 250 Davisville Avenue Suite 200 Oct. 16 p.m.
Transfiguration of Our Lord Catholic School 55 Ludstone Drive Nov. 20 a.m.
University of Toronto Schools 371 Bloor Street West Oct. 5 all day
Upper Canada College 200 Lonsdale Road Oct 31 all day
Valley Park Middle School 130 Overlea Boulevard Nov. 5 and Nov. 6 all day
Venerable John Merlini Catholic School 123 Whitfield Avenue Dec. 12 p.m.
Waterfront School, The 635 Queens Quay West Oct. 22 p.m.
West Hill Public School 299 Morningside Avenue Nov. 28 all day
West HumberJunior Middle School 15 Delsing Drive Dec. 12 a.m.
Westwood Middle School 994 Carlaw Avenue Nov. 7 all day
Wexford Public School 1050 Pharmacy Avenue Oct. 16 p.m.
White Haven Public School 105 Invergordon Avenue Oct. 25 a.m.
William G. Miller Public School 60 Bennett Road Oct. 15 a.m.
William J. McCordic School 45 Balfour Avenue Nov. 14 a.m.
William Tredway Woodsworth (Formal – J. S. Woodsworth) 120 Sedgemount Drive Nov. 13 a.m.
Willowdale Middle School 225 Senlac Road Nov. 2 all day
Winchester Junior and Senior Public School 15 Prospect Street Nov. 6 a.m.
Windfields Junior High School 375 Banbury Road Nov. 30 all day
Winona Drive Senior Public School 101 Winona Drive Nov. 19 and Nov. 20 all day
Woodbine Middle School 2900 Don Mills Road East Nov. 22 all day
Yeshiva Yesodei Hatorah 77 Glen Rush Boulevard Oct. 19 p.m.
York School, The 1320 Yonge Street Nov. 16 a.m.
Zion Heights Junior High School 5900 Leslie Street Nov. 8 all day