Suggested Safety Rules

  • Climb and jump in safe places. Home furniture can be unsafe for jumping and climbing
  • Play with friends in a room where adults can see children
  • Use handrails when you walk up and down the stairs

Between 5-9 years of age children may:

  • Jump, balance and climb, and not see the danger in the activities they do
  • Take new risks, especially boys who are more often injured than girls
  • Try new activities that older children do even though their bodies have not developed enough
  • Need reminding about safety rules

  • Reduce hazards by :
    • Fixing loose carpeting on stairs
    • Tightening loose railings
    • Replacing broken floor tiles
    • Keeping stairs and hallways clear
  • Place furniture away from windows and balcony railings
  • Install safety devices on windows and balcony doors so they do not open more than 10 cm.
    • To learn more about window safety latches and by-laws, visit 3-1-1 or call the City of Toronto at 3-1-1 and ask for Municipal Licensing and Standards
  • Maintain your outdoor play equipment such as climbers, forts and trampolines

  • Always know where your children play and that they are being supervised
  • Never leave a child alone near a balcony or fire escape
  • Increase supervision when other children are playing at your home, or when there is a change in routine such as a vacation or school trip

  • Make family safety rules with your children
  • Help them understand why rules are important and always need to be followed
  • Tell your children you are proud of them when they play safely
  • Be a role model. Follow the safety rules because children learn by watching you

Visit Parachute Canada to learn about creating a safer home to reduce injuries like choking, poisoningdrowning and scalds.

It’s important to know when a product is not working properly and presents a potential hazard to you or your family. For the most current recalled products, visit Health Canada’s Recalls and Safety Alerts website.