Toronto and Ontario laws are in place to:

  • protect people from being exposed to the harmful effects of second-hand smoke
  • help smokers reduce or consider quitting altogether
  • reduce the visibility of smoking making it less socially acceptable to children and youth.

Toronto Public Health’s Healthy Environments Enforcement Officers conduct routine inspections and investigate complaints to ensure compliance with the Smoke Free Ontario Act (SFOA) and the City of Toronto Bylaw (Municipal Code Chapter 709, Smoking).


Under the E-Cigarette Act. the following restrictions come into force with respect to electronic cigarettes with or without nicotine:

  • Prohibit the sale and supply to minors under the age of 19
  • Retailers (includes anyone who sells e-cigarettes) must:
  • Post signs regarding age-based sales restrictions
  • Prohibit sales to minors

Healthy Environments Enforcement Officers enforce the E-Cigarette Act, through routine inspections and the investigation of complaints.

To report any tobacco related violation or to ask a question about second hand smoke and the law, call 416-338-7600. Our Enforcement page provides a list of the businesses that have been convicted for SFOA offences.