Rainbow Fun supports the development of healthy eating habits in young children ages three to six. Teaching about food early in life helps children to acquire tastes for a variety of different foods.

This section of Rainbow Fun contains 11 activities. We encourage you to do these activities or variations of them as often as possible. Each activity includes the following information:

  • Learning Outcomes – explains the purpose of the activity.
  • Description – describes the step by step process of how to conduct the activity.
  • Materials – lists all the materials the caregiver will need to do the activity.
  • Notes – provides some background information related to the activity topic.
  • Variation/Modification – suggests modifications that can be made to the activity in order to increase the variety of activities offered. We encourage you to be as creative as possible!
  • Developmental Domains – outlines the developmental domains each activity fits within (this section has been specifically developed for childcare providers).