Increasing a Child’s Self-Esteem

Children who participate in physical activities learn to appreciate and become more aware of their bodies and their abilities. Children may experience a healthier sense of self as a result of learning physical and social skills during organized activities. As children learn new skills, it increases their confidence to try new things. When children feel good about who they are and value their bodies, they are also more likely to make healthier food choices.

Tips to building self- esteem in young children

  • Acknowledge each child’s effort with positive comments; not just praise for an accomplishment.
  • Teach children that learning new skills takes time and practice.
  • Let children know they are valued for who they are; not what they do.
  • Help children understand that mistakes are a natural and important part of learning.
  • Create a sense of safety and security to allow children to try new things.
  • Teach acceptance and respect for differences and other cultures.
  • Show appreciation when a child is cooperative, helpful, or kind to others.


Activities adults can do with children to increase their self-esteem: