All Toronto Public Health (TPH) employees are expected to follow these guidelines when engaging in work related to sexual health.

We are:

  • client-centered
  • inclusive/non-judgmental/respectful
  • sex positive
  • inclusive of all gender identities and sexual orientations
  • pro-choice
  • evidence informed

We support and facilitate:

  • community participation and development
  • knowledge sharing, research and evaluation
  • disclosures of HIV/AIDS
  • disclosures of sexual and physical abuse as mandated

We practice:

  • confidentiality
  • risk and harm reduction
  • access and equity
  • advocacy

Our philosophy:

We value the experiences of individuals from diverse communities and backgrounds in the planning and delivery of all our projects and programs. We recognize the historical effects of unjust and excessive power. These experiences affect how we are treated in society and how we treat each other. Respect for all individuals within diverse communities is an essential part of our healthy city and is supported by all staff at TPH.

Our mandate:

The mandate of the Sexual Health Program is to prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Sexual health, however, extends far beyond this mandate.

Sexuality is an important part of every human being, which includes how we act, think and feel. Healthy sexuality cannot be separated from basic human rights. This includes a person’s right to freedom from discrimination, harassment, and violence. TPH staff respect these basic human rights and advocate for individuals when these rights are denied.

Our programs aim to promote a satisfying, safe and pleasurable sexual life, while reducing harm, judgement, shame, guilt, coercion, and abuse.