Here are a few resources that YHAN members created to raise awareness about the harms of hookah smoking and to encourage other young people to get involved in addressing the issue.

Clearing the Smoke – The Truth About Smoking Hookah

Free double-sided 16.5 cm x 11.5 cm (6.5 inch x 4.5 inch) print resource card for youth on the health effects of smoking hookah/shisha.

To order, call Toronto Public Health at 416-338-7600 or order online.

YHAN Hookah Take Action Toolkit

Most recently, the YHAN has been interested in the topic of hookah smoking. It has become an increasingly popular trend among young people, yet many are misinformed about its safety. To address this issue, we created a number of educational resources for our peers, and advocated for legislation changes to protect the public from second hand smoke exposure.

This toolkit is a compilation of the educational resources we created, as well as the strategies we used to influence local bylaws. It is intended to help other individuals, groups, and organizations who are interested in taking action on hookah smoking through similar activities.