Management of LTBI and Active Disease – Information for Health Professionals

Patient consent is not required for reporting this information.

When to Report TB Infection and Disease to Public Health

  • All patients with clinical, suspected and lab-confirmed cases of TB disease (pulmonary and extra-pulmonary), as soon as possible
  • All patients with latent TB infection (LTBI), indicated by a positive tuberculin skin test (TST), regardless of plans for prophylaxis

Patient Data That Should Be Reported

  • Patient’s name, date of birth, gender, address, telephone number and Ontario Health Card number
  • Clinical results i.e. TST in mm of induration, chest x-ray, and sputum smear

Download, Complete & Fax to 416-338-8149:

Free TB Medication & Treatment in Ontario

Patients who do not have health coverage may be eligible for the Tuberculosis Diagnostic and Treatment Services for Uninsured Person Program (TB UP) through Public Health. This includes outpatient medical and diagnostic workup for suspect TB

TB Medications, Toronto Public Health

The  TPH TB program enables access to free TB medications to qualified health professionals practicing within the geographical boundaries of the City of Toronto for the treatment of latent TB infection (LTBI) and active TB disease. All patients diagnosed with latent TB infection or active TB disease, regardless of OHIP status, are eligible for free TB medications.

Order Medication

  • Fax the completed TB Drug Order, Positive Skin Test and IGRA Reporting Form (PDF) to Toronto Public Health (TPH) to # 416-338-8149.
  • You will receive notification from TPH that your order was processed. You will also be given a patient ID number that you must place in your patient’s record. This number will identify to which patient the medication belongs when it is delivered to your office.
  • A three month supply of medication will be delivered by the Ontario Government Pharmacy to the office address you provide. To ensure confidentiality, the medication will be labeled with the patient ID number previously provided to you by TPH. It is your responsibility to release the TB medications to the patient for whom it has been ordered. Allow two weeks for medication delivery after your order has been faxed in.
  • For initial orders for active/suspect cases, call 416-338-7600 and ask to speak with the TB program so that medications may be ordered for the new case of TB disease. Have the patient’s address available so that your call may be transferred to the appropriate team.

Under the Health Promotion and Protection Act, 1990, physicians and Registered Nurses Extended Class are required to report diagnoses of TB infection and/or disease to their local public health unit.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons considers mandatory reporting to be an aspect of professional conduct.

The HPPA also requires hospital administrators to report when an in-patient or out-patient has been diagnosed with TB infection or disease.

Patient consent is not required for reporting this information. The Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) explicitly allows health care providers to disclose health information without consent where permitted or required by law.

In addition, PHIPA permits health care providers to disclose information to the local Medical Officer of Health if for purposes under the HPPA.

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