The TPH REB has developed an Informed Consent Checklist to assist researchers in developing information/consent forms and processes which address key elements of informed consent. The Principal Investigator is required to submit the completed checklist when they submit a research proposal for TPH Research Ethics Review

The following information is primarily based on the requirements outlined in the TCPS2 (2014) Ch.3. It includes general information about the process and requirements for obtaining initial and ongoing consent from research participants or their authorized third parties, information about requirements for documenting consent, and special situations where these requirements may be altered. In addition to meeting the requirements outlined in the TCPS2 researchers are responsible for ensuring that all applicable legal and regulatory requirements are met.

This information can be conveyed in a variety of ways. For example, written information may be supplemented with audio/visual aids/visual presentations; intermediaries with language skills may share information.

Prospective participants should be provided with adequate time to assimilate the information provided and pose questions before deciding whether or not to participate. The amount of time required depends on factors such as:

  • the magnitude and probability of harms
  • the complexity of the information provided
  • the setting in which the information is given