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City of Toronto offers many baseball and softball diamonds in parks around the city that can be booked for games, practice, tournaments and special events. Contact Client Services at 416-396-7378 and select option 2 for booking. Baseball and softball diamonds can be closed temporarily due to weather conditions. Check the sports fields and diamonds status updates during the season. Visit the Parks and Community Recreation Centres map to find your nearest location.

Location Address
Adams Park2 Rozell Rd
Alexandra Park275 Bathurst St
Amesbury Park151 Culford Rd
Ancaster Park43 Ancaster Rd
Ancona Park15 Ancona St
Anson Park50 Macduff Cres
Apted Park50 Apted Ave
Arsandco Park151 Prudential Dr
Baycrest Park160 Neptune Dr
Bayview Village Park2945 Bayview Ave
Beaumonde Heights Park17 A Waltham Dr
Bennington Heights Park465 Heath St E
Bestview Park115 Bestview Dr
Beverly Glen Park75 Beverly Glen Blvd
Bickford Park400 Grace St
Birch Park75 Arcadian Cir
Birchmount Park95 Birchmount Rd
Blantyre Park180 Fallingbrook Rd
Bob Hunter Park205 Generation Blvd
Bond Park120 Bond Ave
Bridlewood Park445 Huntingwood Dr
Broadacres Park35 Crendon Dr
Broadlands Park19 Castlegrove Blvd
Burrows Hall Park239 Burrows Hall Blvd
Caledonia Park1141 Caledonia Rd
Canmore Park101 Canmore Blvd
Cedar Ridge Park225 Confederation Dr
Cedarvale Park443 Arlington Ave
Centennial Park - Etobicoke256 Centennial Park Rd
Centre Park15 Centre Ave
Charlottetown Park65 Charlottetown Blvd
Chartwell Park99 Kenhatch Blvd
Cheltenham Park43 Mildenhall Rd
Christie Pits Park750 Bloor St W
Churchill Heights Park60 Mountland Dr
Cliffwood Park280 Cliffwood Rd
Clydesdale Park116 Clydesdale Dr
Connorvale Park281 Rimilton Ave
Connorvale Park281 Rimilton Ave
Coronation Park - Toronto711 Lake Shore Blvd W
Coronation Park - York2700 Eglinton Ave W
Corvette Park40 Corvette Ave
Cummer Park823 Cummer Ave
David Crombie Park131 The Esplanade
Dean Park80 Dean Park Rd
Denison Park108 Denison Rd W
Densgrove Park75 Hiscock Blvd
Dentonia Park80 Thyra Ave
Dieppe Park455 Cosburn Ave
Don Russell Memorial Park290 Birmingham St
Donwood Park35 Highbrook Dr
Dorset Park5 Glaive Dr
Dovercourt Park155 Bartlett Ave
Driftwood Park44 Tobermory Dr
Dunlop Park19 Dunlop Ave.
Earlscourt Park1200 Lansdowne Ave
East Point Park101 Copperfield Rd
East Toronto Athletic Field175 Main St
Edithvale Park121 Finch Ave W
Eglinton Park200 Eglinton Ave W
Elie Wiesel Park30 Palm Dr
Eringate Park121 Wellesworth Dr
Esther Lorrie Park50 Westhumber Blvd
Etobicoke Valley Park615 Horner Ave
Fairbank Memorial Park2213 Dufferin St
Fairmount Park1725 Gerrard St E
Farquharson Park250 Pitfield Rd
Fennimore Park78 Fennimore Cres
Fenside Park30 Slidell Cres
Flemingdon Park150 Grenoble Dr.
Flemington Park2 A Flemington Rd
Fundy Bay Park190 Fundy Bay Blvd
Gihon Spring Park75 Gihon Spring Dr
Giltspur Park85 Magellan Dr
Glamorgan Park50 Antrim Cres
Glendora Park201 Glendora Ave
Goldhawk Park250 Goldhawk Trl
Goulding Park80 Patricia Ave
Grandravine Park23 Grandravine Dr
Greenvale Park10 Greenvale Ter
Greenwood Park150 Greenwood Ave
Gulliver Park55 Gulliver Rd
Gwendolen Park3 Gwendolen Cres
Halbert Park24 Rockwood Dr
Harding Park59 Hearst Cir
Harwood Park51 Leigh St
Havenbrook Park15 Havenbrook Blvd
Havendale Park5 Belgreen Ave.
Heather Heights Park
Hendon Park50 Hendon Ave
Heron Park292 Manse Rd
High Park1873 Bloor St W
Highland Creek Community Park3500 Ellesmere Rd
Highland Heights Park50 Castle Hill Dr
Highview Park150 Highview Ave
Highview Park150 Highview Ave
Hobart Park39 Hobart Dr
Horseley Hill Park145 Horseley Hill Dr
Howard Talbot Park635 Eglinton Ave E
Hullmar Park97 Hullmar Dr
Humberwood Park850 Humberwood Blvd
Huntsmill Park201 Huntsmill Blvd
Iroquois Park295 Chartland Blvd S
Irving Paisley Park2539 A Bayview Ave
Irving W. Chapley Park205 Wilmington Ave
Jack Goodlad Park929 Kennedy Rd
Jeff Healey Park1 Delroy Dr
Jimmie Simpson Park870 Queen St E
John Tabor Park240 John Tabor Trl
June Rowlands Park220 Davisville Ave
Kempton Howard Park150 Blake St
Kew Gardens2075 Queen St E
Kitchener Park20 Lorraine Ave
Lambton - Kingsway Park37 Marquis Ave
L'Amoreaux North Park1900 Mcnicoll Ave
L'Amoreaux Sports Complex100 Silver Springs Blvd.
Lanyard Park138 Lanyard Rd.
Leaside Park5 Leaside Park Dr
Lessard Park52 Lessard Ave
Linkwood Lane Park10 Linkwood Lane
Lionel Conacher Park80 Cottingham St
Lithuania Park155 Oakmount Rd
Little Norway Park659 Queens Quay W
Littles Road Park30 Littles Rd
Lochleven Park50 Lochleven Dr
Lynngate Park133 Cass Ave
MacGregor Playground346 Lansdowne Ave
Magwood Park2 Pasadena Gdns
Maidavale Park1031 Birchmount Rd
Main Sewage Treatment Playground1091 Eastern Ave
Malvern Park36 Sewells Rd
Manhattan Park90 Manhattan Dr
Maple Leaf Park320 Culford Rd
Martingrove Gardens Park31 Lavington Dr
Maryvale Park5 Trestleside Grv
McCleary Park755 Lake Shore Blvd E
McCormick Park66 Sheridan Ave
McGregor Park2231 Lawrence Ave E
Memorial Park - North York340 Chaplin Cres
Millwood Park4370 Bloor St W
Mimico Memorial Park75 Hillside Ave
Moncur Playground10 Gainsborough Rd
Moorevale Park175 Moore Ave
Moss Park150 Sherbourne St
Mossgrove Park57 Mossgrove Trl
Muir Park66 Martindale Rd
Muirhead Park65 Muirhead Rd
Muirlands Park40 Muirlands Dr
Murison Park99 Murison Blvd
Neilson Park - Etobicoke56 Neilson Dr
Neilson Park - Scarborough1555 Neilson Rd
Noble Park74 Sandcliff Rd
Norseman Heights Park100 Chartwell Rd
North Bendale Park40 Erinlea Cres
North Bridlewood Park11 Adencliff Rd
North Humber Park2851 Kipling Ave
North Keelesdale Park415 Black Creek Dr
Oriole Park - North York2955 Don Mills Rd
Oriole Park - Toronto201 Oriole Pkwy
Ourland Park18 Ourland Ave
Park Lawn Park330 Park Lawn Rd
Parkway Forest Park80 Parkway Forest Dr
Parma Park99 Parma Crt
Pearen Park30 Pearen St
Pelmo Park171 Pellatt Ave
Pinto Park23 Pinto Dr
Poplar Park40 Wooster Wood
Port Royal Park50 Port Royal Trl
Queensway Park8 Avon Park Dr
Ramsden Park1020 Yonge St
Ravina Gardens290 Clendenan Ave
Raymore Park95 Raymore Dr
Rexdale Park6 Drumheller Rd
Rexlington Park30 Bergamot Ave
Richmond Park75 Richmond Park Blvd
Richmond Park75 Richmond Park Blvd
Richview Park555 Martin Grove Rd
Riverdale Park East550 Broadview Ave
Riverdale Park West375 Sumach St
Roding Park600 Roding St
Ron Watson Park140 Bonis Ave
Rosedale Park20 Scholfield Ave
Rotary Peace Park25 Eleventh St
Runnymede Park221 Ryding Ave
Scarborough Village Park23 Gatesview Ave
Scarden Park1649 Warden Ave
Seasons Park40 Seasons Dr
Sentinel Park295 Sentinel Rd
Seven Oaks Park372 Military Trl
Shawn Blu Rose Park30 Empringham Dr
Sherwood Park190 Sherwood Ave
Silver Creek Park44 Strathdee Dr.
Silverview Park23 Silverview Dr
Smithfield Park173 Mount Olive Dr
Smythe Park61 Black Creek Blvd
Snowhill Park15 Snowhill Cres
Sorauren Avenue Park289 Sorauren Ave
Spenvalley Park130 Spenvalley Dr
St. Andrews Park - Scarborough50 Brimorton Dr
St. Lucie Park3300 Weston Rd.
Stan Wadlow Park888 Cosburn Ave
Stanley Park27 Stanley Rd.
Stanley Park South - Toronto700 Wellington St W
Stephen Leacock Park2530 Birchmount Rd
Stephenson Park61 Stephenson Ave
Strathburn Park55 Strathburn Blvd
Summerlea Park2 Arcot Blvd
Sunnydale Acres Park50 Amoro Dr
Sweeney Park110 Sweeney Dr
Sweeney Park110 Sweeney Dr
Symington Avenue Playground431 Perth Ave
Thomson Memorial Park1005 Brimley Rd
Tom Riley Park4725 Dundas St. W
Topham Park181 Westview Blvd.
Toronto Island Park - Ward's Island1 Centre Island Park
Totts Tot Lot1 Gradwell Dr
Trace Manes Park110 Rumsey Rd
Treverton Park20 A Oakworth Cres
Trinity Bellwoods Park790 Queen St W
Viewmount Park169 Viewmount Ave
Viola Desmond Park85 Hupfield Trl
Vradenburg Park40 Vradenberg Dr
Wallace C. Swanek Park241 Gary Dr
Wanless Park250 Wanless Ave
Warden Park2851 Warden Ave
Wellesworth Park55 Dixfield Dr
Wenderly Park89 Wenderly Dr
West Deane Park19 Sedgebrook Cres
West Hill Park170 Weir Cres
Westlake Park86 Jasper Ave
Weston Lions Park2125 Lawrence Ave W
Westway Park175 The Westway
Wexford Park55 Elm Bank Rd
Wickson Trail Park30 Silverbell Grv
Wigmore Park106 Wigmore Dr
Winchester Park530 Ontario St
Wishing Well Park1700 Pharmacy Ave
Withrow Park and Clubhouse725 Logan Ave
Woodborough Park1486 Castlefield Ave
Woodsworth Park122 Sedgemount Dr
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