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Location Address Phone
Adam Beck Community Centre79 LAWLOR AVE416 392-0741
Amesbury Community Centre1507 LAWRENCE AVE W416 395-0145
Ancaster Community Centre41 ANCASTER RD416 395-6057
Annette Community Recreation Centre333 ANNETTE ST416 392-0736
Antibes Community Centre140 ANTIBES DR416 395-0096
Armour Heights Community Centre2140 AVENUE RD416 395-7848
Balmy Beach Community Recreation Centre14 PINE AVE416 392-6972
Balmy Beach Park1 BEECH AVE
Beaches Recreation Centre6 WILLIAMSON RD416 392-0740
Bedford Park Community Centre81 RANLEIGH AVE416 392-0618
Bob Abate Community Recreation Centre485 MONTROSE AVE416 392-0744
Brown Community Centre454 AVENUE RD416 392-6826
Camp Naorca / FVOEC60 BLUE FOREST DR416 395-0150
Carmine Stefano Community Centre3100 WESTON RD416 395-6127
Chalkfarm Community Centre180 CHALKFARM DR416 395-7802
Dennis R. Timbrell Resource Centre29 ST DENNIS DR416 395-7972
Domenico Di Luca Community Recreation Centre25 STANLEY RD416 395-6673
Don Montgomery Community Centre2467 EGLINTON AVE E416 396-4043
Driftwood Community Recreation Centre4401 JANE ST416 395-7944
Earl Bales Community Centre4169 BATHURST ST416 395-7873
Earl Beatty Community Centre455 GLEBEHOLME BLVD416 392-0752
East York Community Centre1081 1/2 PAPE AVE416 396-2880
Edithvale Community Centre131 FINCH AVE W416 395-6164
Ellesmere Community Centre20 CANADIAN RD416 396-5536
Elmbank Community Centre10 RAMPART RD416 394-8671
Etobicoke Olympium590 RATHBURN RD416 394-8111
Fairbank Memorial Community Centre2213 DUFFERIN ST416 394-2473
Fairfield Seniors' Centre80 LOTHIAN AVE416 394-8687
Falstaff Community Centre50 FALSTAFF AVE416 395-1199
Frankland Community Centre816 LOGAN AVE416 392-0749
Glen Long Community Centre35 GLEN LONG AVE416 395-7961
Goulding Community Centre45 GOULDING AVE416 395-0123
Gus Ryder Pool and Health Club1 FAUSTINA DR416 394-8726
Heron Park Community Centre292 MANSE RD416 396-4035
Hillcrest Community Centre1339 BATHURST ST416 392-0746
Holy Family Community Centre141 CLOSE AVE416 392-6695
Humberwood Community Centre850 HUMBERWOOD BLVD416 394-5700
Jenner Jean-Marie Community Centre48 THORNCLIFFE PARK DR416 396-2874
Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre870 QUEEN ST E416 392-0751
John Innes Community Recreation Centre150 SHERBOURNE ST416 392-6779
Joseph J. Piccininni Community Centre1369 ST CLAIR AVE W416 392-0036
Keele Community Centre181 GLENLAKE AVE416 392-0695
Ken Cox Community Centre28 COLONEL SAMUEL SMITH PARK DR416 392-6355
L'Amoreaux Community Recreation Centre2000 MCNICOLL AVE416 396-4510
Lawrence Heights Community Centre5 REPLIN RD416 395-6118
Malvern Recreation Centre30 SEWELLS RD416 396-4054
Mary McCormick Recreation Centre66 SHERIDAN AVE416 392-0742
Masaryk-Cowan Community Recreation Centre220 COWAN AVE416 392-6928
Matty Eckler Recreation Centre953 GERRARD ST E416 392-0750
Maurice Cody Community Centre181 CLEVELAND ST416 392-0747
Milliken Park Community Recreation Centre4325 MCCOWAN RD416 396-7757
Mitchell Field Community Centre89 CHURCH AVE416 395-0265
New Toronto Seniors' Centre105 FOURTH ST416 394-8684
Norseman Community School And Pool105 NORSEMAN ST416 394-8719
North Kipling Community Centre2 ROWNTREE RD416 394-8679
North Toronto Memorial Community Centre200 EGLINTON AVE W416 392-6591
Northwood Community Centre15 CLUBHOUSE CRT416 395-7876
Oakdale Community Centre350 GRANDRAVINE DR416 395-0484
O'Connor Community Centre1386 VICTORIA PARK AVE416 395-7957
Oriole Community Centre2975 DON MILLS RD W416 395-6005
Ourland Community Centre18 OURLAND AVE416 394-8673
Parkdale Community Recreation Centre75 LANSDOWNE AVE416 392-6696
Parkway Forest Community Centre55 FOREST MANOR RD416 392-6383
Port Union Community Recreation Centre5450 LAWRENCE AVE E416 396-4031
Regent Park Community Centre402 SHUTER ST416 392-5490
Roding Community Centre600 RODING ST416 395-7964
S.H. Armstrong Community Centre56 WOODFIELD RD416 392-0734
Scadding Court Community Centre707 DUNDAS ST W416 392-0335
Secord Community Centre91 BARRINGTON AVE416 396-2857
Seneca Village Community Centre1700 FINCH AVE E416 395-7671
St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre230 THE ESPLANADE416 392-1347
Swansea Community Recreation Centre15 WALLER AVE416 392-6796
The New Generation Youth Recreation Centre2694 EGLINTON AVE W416 394-2717
Thistletown Community Centre925 ALBION RD416 394-8717
Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre875 MORNINGSIDE AVE416 283-5222
Trinity Community Recreation Centre155 CRAWFORD ST416 392-0743
Victoria Village Arena190 BERMONDSEY RD416 395-0143
Wallace Emerson Community Centre1260 DUFFERIN ST416 392-0039
Warden Hilltop Community Centre25 MENDELSSOHN ST416 392-7640
Wellesley Community Centre495 SHERBOURNE ST416 392-0227
West Acres Senior Centre65 HINTON RD416 394-8680
West Scarborough Neighbourhood Centre313 PHARMACY AVE416 755-9215
York Recreation Centre115 BLACK CREEK DR416 392-9675
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