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Stop by one of our playgrounds and have some fun! Go down slides, swing from monkey bars, dig in sandboxes and more!

As of July 31, 2020, 800 playgrounds and play structures are now open. City staff will be visiting all playgrounds over the coming days to post updated signage with public health guidance. Following guidance from Toronto Public Health, outdoor playground equipment will not be sanitized. If a playground is busy, Toronto Public Health recommends finding another park or coming back later. A full guidelines document (pdf) is available for parents and caregivers.

Location Address
Abbotsford Park2 A ABBOTSFORD RD
Acacia Park68 LILAC AVE
Adams Park2 ROZELL RD
Agincourt Park27 GLEN WATFORD DR
Ailsa Craig Parkette16 AILSA CRAIG CRT
Aitken Place Park90 Merchants' Wharf
Alamosa Park111 ALAMOSA DR
Alan - Oxford Parkette31 ALAN AVE
Albert Campbell Square150 BOROUGH DR
Albert Crosland Park15 Saunders Ave.
Albion Gardens Park41 DEANLEA CRT
Alderwood Memorial Park215 SHELDON AVE
Aldwych Park134 ALDWYCH AVE
Alex Marchetti Park1 SUN ROW DR
Alexander Park33 ALEXANDER ST
Alexandra Park275 Bathurst St.
Alexmuir Park205 ALEXMUIR BLVD
Allan A. Lamport Stadium Park1155 King St. W
Allanhurst Park1336 Royal York Rd.
Ames Park272 BANBURY RD
Amesbury Park151 CULFORD RD
Amos Waites Park2441 LAKE SHORE BLVD W
Ancaster Park43 ANCASTER RD
Ancona Park15 ANCONA ST
Aneta Circle Parkette184 NEWTON DR
Antibes Community Centre140 Antibes Dr.
Antibes Park109 Antibes Dr.
Apted Park50 APTED AVE
Arena Gardens78 MUTUAL ST
Arlington Parkette460 ARLINGTON AVE
Art Eggleton Park323 Harbord St.
Audrelane Park60 AUDRELANE CRT
Avondale Park15 HUMBERSTONE DR
Baird Park275 Keele St.
Balmoral Park170 Faywood Blvd.
Balmy Beach Park1 Beech Ave.
Bamburgh Park70 BAMBURGH CIR
Banbury Park120 BANBURY RD
Banting Park40 BANTING AVE
Barbara Hall Park519 Church St.
Bartley Park112 BARTLEY DR
Baycrest Park160 NEPTUNE DR
Bayhampton Parkette7 BAYHAMPTON CRT
Bayview Village Park2945 Bayview Ave.
Beaches Park2075 QUEEN ST E
Beaty Avenue Parkette66 BEATY AVE
Beaumonde Heights Park17 A WALTHAM DR
Bedford Parkette443 BEDFORD PARK AVE
Beechgrove Park182 BEECHGROVE DR
Bell Manor Park1 BAYSIDE LANE
Bellamy Park110 BELLAMY RD S
Bellbury Park55 VAN HORNE AVE
Bellevue Square Park5 BELLEVUE AVE
Belmar Park70 MONCLOVA RD
Ben Nobleman Parkette1075 EGLINTON AVE W
Benner Park25 BENNER AVE
Bennington Heights Park465 HEATH ST E
Beresford Park400 BERESFORD AVE
Berner Trail Park45 NAHANNI TER
Bert Robinson Park400 CALEDONIA RD
Bestview Park115 BESTVIEW DR
Bethune Park75 BETHUNE BLVD
Beverly Glen Park75 BEVERLY GLEN BLVD
Bill Hancox Park101 BRIDGEPORT DR E
Birchcrest Park89 BEVERLY GLEN BLVD
Birchmount Park95 BIRCHMOUNT RD
Birkdale Ravine1297 ELLESMERE RD
Birunthan Park31 DRAGONFLY CRES
Bishop Park45 BISHOP AVE
Blackfriar Park22 BLACKFRIAR AVE
Blantyre Park180 FALLINGBROOK RD
Bloordale Park North20 TOLEDO RD
Bloordale Park South230 RENFORTH DR
Bluehaven Park19 BLUE HAVEN CRES
Bonspiel Park50 BONSPIEL DR
Botany Hill Park277 Orton Park Rd
Bowan Court Parkette12 BOWAN CRT
Bramber Woods Park15 BRAMBER RD
Briarcrest Park68 WELLESWORTH DR
Bridletowne Park2295 BRIDLETOWNE CIR
Bridlewood Park445 HUNTINGWOOD DR
Bright Street Playground50 Bright St
Brimley Woods2755 BRIMLEY RD
Bristol Avenue Parkette West30 BRISTOL AVE
Broadacres Park35 CRENDON DR
Broadlands Park19 CASTLEGROVE BLVD
Brookbanks Park75 BROOKBANKS DR
Brookdale Park410 FAIRLAWN AVE
Brooks Road Park51 KEELER BLVD
Brookwell Park44 STREAMDALE CRT
Budapest Park1575 Lake Shore Blvd W
Burnhamill Park379 MILL RD
Burrows Hall Park239 BURROWS HALL BLVD
Buttonwood Park30 MULHAM PL
Campbell Avenue Playground225 CAMPBELL AVE
Canoe Landing Community Recreation Centre45 Fort York Blvd.
Capri Park596 THE EAST MALL
Carlaw Avenue Parkette805 CARLAW AVE
Carlton Park20 EDITH AVE
Carsbrooke Park415 RENFORTH DR
Cassandra Park230 CASSANDRA BLVD
Cassels Avenue Playground69 Cassels Ave
Caswell Park18 CASWELL DR
Cataraqui Park15 FIRVALLEY CRT
Cawthra Playground355 ALBANY AVE
Cayuga Park120 CAYUGA AVE
Cedar Brook Park91 Eastpark Blvd.
Cedargrove Park100 FARMBROOK RD
Cedarvale Park443 ARLINGTON AVE
Centennial Park - Etobicoke256 Centennial Park Rd.
Centennial Park - Scarborough225 CENTENNIAL RD
Centre Park15 CENTRE AVE
Chalkfarm Park2230 JANE ST
Charles Caccia Park348 Nairn AVE
Charles G. Williams Park75 WABASH AVE
Charlotte Maher Park550 ROEHAMPTON AVE
Charlottetown Park65 CHARLOTTETOWN BLVD
Charlton Park166 CHARLTON BLVD
Chartland Park99 CHARTLAND BLVD S
Chartwell Park99 KENHATCH BLVD
Chater Court Park1 CHATER CRT
Chelsea Avenue Playground103 CHELSEA AVE
Cherry Beach Sports Fields275 UNWIN AVE
Chester Le Park255 CHESTER LE BLVD
Chestnut Hills Park1391 ISLINGTON AVE
Christie Pits Park750 BLOOR ST W
Churchill Heights Park60 MOUNTLAND DR
Clairlea Park45 FAIRFAX CRES
Clara Will Park1 Queen Magdalene Pl.
Clarinda Park31 CLARINDA DR
Cliffwood Park280 CLIFFWOOD RD
Close Avenue Parkette116 CLOSE AVE
Clovercrest Parkette23 CLOVERCREST RD
Cloverdale Park85 SHAVER AVE S
Clydesdale Park116 CLYDESDALE DR
Coleman Park19 COLEMAN AVE
College Park420 YONGE ST
Collingwood Park30 COLLINGWOOD ST
Colonel Samuel Smith Park3145 LAKE SHORE BLVD W
Colonial Park150 BRIDLEGROVE DR
Colony Park2100 MARTIN GROVE RD
Columbus Parkette1985 DUNDAS ST W
Conacher Park645 CONACHER DR
Confederation Park250 Dolly Varden Blvd.
Corktown Common155 BAYVIEW AVE
Cornell Park18 BERAN DR
Coronation Park - Etobicoke10 JUDSON ST
Coronation Park - York2700 EGLINTON AVE W
Cortleigh Parkette375 CORTLEIGH BLVD
Corvette Park40 CORVETTE AVE
Coulter Ave Parkette15 COULTER AVE
Coxwell Avenue Playground450 COXWELL AVE
Craigton Court Tot Lot14 CRAIGTON DR
Cresthaven Park37 CRESTHAVEN DR
Crocus Park165 CROCUS DR
Cronin Park34 Lorene Dr.
Cruickshank Park2196 WESTON RD
Cudmore Creek Park250 MANOR RD E
Cullen Bryant Park50 BARBARA CRES
Cummer Park823 CUMMER AVE
CY Townsend Park455 WINONA DR
Dalesford Park255 DALESFORD RD
Dallington Park32 GLENTWORTH RD
Dalrymple Park59 DALRYMPLE DR
Dan Iannuzzi Park75 DELABO DR
Danforth Gardens Park498 BIRCHMOUNT RD
Davenport Village Park18 FOUNDRY AVE
David Crombie Park131 THE ESPLANADE
De Grassi St Parkette (also known as Degrassi Street Park)125 DE GRASSI ST
De Havilland 'Mossie' Park111 ANTHONY RD
Dean Park80 DEAN PARK RD
Deanvar Parkette45 DEANVAR AVE
Debell Lane Parkette5 DEBELL LANE
Delma Park38 DELMA DR
Dempsey Park250 BEECROFT RD
Denison Park108 DENISON RD W
Dennis Flynn Park370 The West Mall
Densgrove Park75 HISCOCK BLVD
Dentonia Park80 THYRA AVE
Diana Park46 A DIANA DR
Dieppe Park455 COSBURN AVE
Dixon Park350 DIXON RD
Don Mills Local Park69 The Donway W
Don Russell Memorial Park290 BIRMINGHAM ST
Donnybrook Park43 LOYALIST RD
Donora Park17 DONORA DR
Donwood Park35 HIGHBROOK DR
Dorset Park5 GLAIVE DR
Douglas B. Ford Park1521 ROYAL YORK RD
Douglas Park481 EVANS AVE
Dovercourt Park155 BARTLETT AVE
Driftwood Park44 TOBERMORY DR
Driftwood Parkette359 DRIFTWOOD AVE
Dufferin And King Park256 DUFFERIN ST
Dufferin Grove Park875 Dufferin St.
Duncairn Park71 DUNCAIRN RD
Duncan Creek Park3700 DON MILLS RD
Dundas - St. Clarens Parkette1717 DUNDAS ST W
Dundas - Watkinson Parkette2742 DUNDAS ST W
Dunfield Park35 DUNFIELD AVE
Dunlace Park28 DUNLACE DR
Dunlop Park19 DUNLOP AVE
Earl Bales Park4169 BATHURST ST
Earlscourt Park1200 LANSDOWNE AVE
East Lynn Park1949 DANFORTH AVE
East Mall Park355 THE EAST MALL
East Toronto Athletic Field175 MAIN ST
Eastdale Playground160 BOULTON AVE
Eastview Park33 CORONATION DR
Eden Valley Park6 EDEN VALLEY DR
Edgeley Park4401 JANE ST
Edgewood Park107 OAKLEY BLVD
Edithvale Park121 FINCH AVE W
Eglinton Flats101 EMMETT AVE
Eglinton Park200 EGLINTON AVE W
Elie Wiesel Park30 Palm Dr.
Elijah Park117 RAJAH ST
Elizabeth Simcoe Park180 SYLVAN AVE
Elkhorn Parkette2 ELKHORN DR
Ellerslie Park499 ELLERSLIE AVE
Ellesmere Park20 CANADIAN RD
Elm Park - North York230 GOSFORD BLVD
Elm Park - York54 ELM ST
Elmbrook Park2 ELMBROOK CRES
Erica Stark Parkette208 BAIN AVE
Eringate Park121 WELLESWORTH DR
Erwin Krickhahn Park121 RANKIN CRES
Ethennonnhawahstihnen Park80 McMahon Dr. E
Etobicoke Valley Park615 HORNER AVE
Evergreen Gardens Park23 EVERGREEN GDNS
Exbury Park128 EXBURY RD
Fairbank Memorial Park2213 DUFFERIN ST
Fairfield Park90 LOTHIAN AVE
Fairhaven Park100 GOLFWOOD HTS
Fairmount Park1725 GERRARD ST E
Falstaff Park50 FALSTAFF AVE
Fanfare Park40 FANFARE AVE
Farquharson Park250 PITFIELD RD
Felstead Avenue Playground60 FELSTEAD AVE
Fennimore Park78 FENNIMORE CRES
Fenside Park30 SLIDELL CRES
Ferrand Drive Park251 FERRAND DR
Firgrove Park254 FIRGROVE CRES
Flagstaff Park42 MERCURY RD
Flemingdon Park150 GRENOBLE DR
Flemington Park2 A FLEMINGTON RD
Flora Voisey Park67 YACHTERS LANE
Florence Gell Park85 VARSITY RD
Forest Hill Road Park179 A FOREST HILL RD
Fountainhead Park445 Sentinel Rd.
Four Oaks Gate Park388 A O'CONNOR DR
Frankel-Lambert Park340 CHRISTIE ST
Franklin Park138 FRANKLIN AVE
Fraserwood Park57 FRASERWOOD AVE
Fred Hamilton Playground155 ROXTON RD
Frost Park2051 KIPLING AVE
Fundy Bay Park190 FUNDY BAY BLVD
Futura Parkette175 Arleta Ave.
Gaffney Park73 TERRY DR
Galloway Park90 GALLOWAY RD
Gamble Playground150 Gamble Ave.
Garden Avenue Parkette34 GARDEN PARK AVE
Garthdale Parkette88 A GARTHDALE CRT
Geary Avenue Parkette15 GEARY AVE
George Webster Park30 CHAPMAN AVE
Gihon Spring Park75 GIHON SPRING DR
Giltspur Park85 MAGELLAN DR
Giovanni Caboto Park160 Tavistock Rd
Glamorgan Park50 ANTRIM CRES
Gledhill Park125 GLEDHILL AVE
Glen Agar Park331 MARTIN GROVE RD
Glen Cedar Park50 GLEN CEDAR RD
Glen Edyth Drive Parkette2 GLEN EDYTH DR
Glen Long Park35 GLEN LONG AVE
Glen Sheppard Park905 DANFORTH RD
Glendora Park201 GLENDORA AVE
Glenn Gould Park480 AVENUE RD
Godstone Park45 GODSTONE RD
Goldhawk Park250 GOLDHAWK TRL
Golf Club Parkette100 FERNCROFT DR
Gord and Irene Risk Park2650 FINCH AVE W
Goulding Park80 PATRICIA AVE
Gracedale Park176 GRACEDALE BLVD
Gracefield Park175 GRACEFIELD AVE
Graham Park11 ATLAS AVE
Grandravine Park23 GRANDRAVINE DR
Grange Park26 Grange Rd. W
Grattan Park52 GRATTAN ST
Graydon Hall Park215 GRAYDON HALL DR
Green Meadows Park - Etobicoke York20 NEWSTEAD RD
Greenbelt Park25 JESSIE DR
Greenbrae Parkette100 Greenbrae Circt.
Greenfield Park10 WILMAR RD
Greenvale Park10 GREENVALE TER
Greenwood Park150 GREENWOOD AVE
Grey Abbey Park180 GREYABBEY TRL
Greystone Park845 DANFORTH RD
Guildwood Village Park219 LIVINGSTON RD
Gulliver Park55 GULLIVER RD
Gwendolen Park3 Gwendolen Cres.
Haimer Park46 HAIMER AVE
Halbert Park24 ROCKWOOD DR
Harding Park59 HEARST CIR
Harlandale Parkette206 HARLANDALE AVE
Harryetta Gardens170 TORRESDALE AVE
Harvest Moon Park70 OLD FINCH AVE
Harwood Park51 LEIGH ST
Havenbrook Park15 HAVENBROOK BLVD
Havendale Park5 BELGREEN AVE
Haverson Park65 WOODENHILL CRT
Hawksbury Park1 A HAWKSBURY DR
Healey Willan Park504 EUCLID AVE
Heather Heights Woods125 MILFORD HAVEN DR
Heathercrest Park19 STOREY CRES
Heathrow Park69 HEATHROW DR
Hendon Park50 HENDON AVE
Henrietta Park1 A Henrietta St.
Heron Park292 Manse Rd.
Hidden Trail Park506 HIDDEN TRL
Hideaway Park23 AUDLEY AVE
High Level Pumping Station And Park300 MACPHERSON AVE
High Park1873 BLOOR ST W
Highfield Park68 STEVENSON RD
Highland Creek Community Park3500 ELLESMERE RD
Highland Heights Park50 CASTLE HILL DR
Hillcrest Park950 DAVENPORT RD
Hillmount Parkette393 HILLMOUNT AVE
Hillsborough Park94 CORPORATE DR
Hillside Park185 HILLSIDE AVE
Hobart Park39 HOBART DR
Holley Park2335 WESTON RD
Horseley Hill Park145 HORSELEY HILL DR
Horton Park15 OSWEGO RD
Howard Talbot Park635 EGLINTON AVE E
Hullmar Park97 HULLMAR DR
Humber Gate Park47 TURNVALE RD
Humber Sheppard Park3100 WESTON RD
Humber Valley Park54 ANGLESEY BLVD
Humberline Park32 HUMBERLINE DR
Humbertown Park7 WIMBLETON RD
Humberview Park30 PANORAMA CRT
Humewood Park37 HUMEWOOD DR
Hummingbird Park40 OASIS BLVD
Hunters Glen Park35 MARCOS BLVD
Huntsmill Park201 HUNTSMILL BLVD
Huron - Washington Parkette420 HURON ST
Huron Street Playground495 HURON ST
Indian Line Park655 HUMBERWOOD BLVD
Inglewood Heights Park91 ALLANFORD RD
Ionview Park110 IONVIEW RD
Irene Avenue Parkette760 SHAW ST
Iroquois Park295 CHARTLAND BLVD S
Irving Paisley Park2539 A BAYVIEW AVE
Irving W. Chapley Park205 WILMINGTON AVE
Islington Park19 FRANEL CRES
J.T. Watson Parkette605 RIDELLE AVE
Jack Evelyn Wiggins Park51 LEITCH AVE
Jack Goodlad Park929 KENNEDY RD
James Trimbee Park25 Plainfield Rd.
Janda Park15 QUINELLA DR
Jean Sibelius Square50 KENDAL AVE
Jeanette Park55 JEANETTE ST
Jeff Healey Park1 DELROY DR
Jeff Sloan Playground137 R Kingston Rd.
Jim Mcpherson Park1255 VICTORIA PARK AVE
Jimmie Simpson Park870 QUEEN ST E
Joel Weeks Park10 THOMPSON ST
John Chang Neighbourhood Park50 COLGATE AVE
Jonathan Ashbridge Park1515 QUEEN ST E
Joseph Bannon Park65 MARY CHAPMAN BLVD
Joseph Burr Tyrrell Park10 DALTON RD
Joseph Workman Park90 SHANK ST
Joshua Cronkwright Parkette504 DAWES RD
Joyce Park62 JOYCE PKWY
Joyce Trimmer Park8450 SHEPPARD AVE E
Julius Deutsch Park40 CECIL ST
June Rowlands Park220 DAVISVILLE AVE
Keele-Mulock Parkette595 KEELE ST
Kempford Parkette15 SANTA BARBARA RD
Kennedy-Margdon Parkette24 KENNEDY PARK RD
Kenneth Park417 KENNETH AVE
Kenway Park3431 BLOOR ST W
Kenworthy Park2 A KENWORTHY AVE
Kew Gardens2075 QUEEN ST E
Kingsview Park46 KINGSVIEW BLVD
Kinsdale Park3 KINSDALE BLVD
Kirkdene Park100 KIRKDENE DR
Kirkwood Park25 KIRKWOOD RD
Kitchener Park20 LORRAINE AVE
Knights of Columbus Park60 SAN GABRIELE PL
Knob Hill Park625 BRIMLEY RD
Knott Park1 A DEBLYN DR
La Rose Park65 LA ROSE AVE
Laburnham Park60 LABURNHAM AVE
Lake Crescent Park55 LAKE CRES
Lakeshore Village Park45 GARNETT JANES RD
Lambton - Kingsway Park37 MARQUIS AVE
Lambton Park4100 DUNDAS ST W
L'Amoreaux Sports Complex100 SILVER SPRINGS BLVD
Langford Parkette26 LANGFORD AVE
Langholm Park14 LANGHOLM DR
Lanyard Park138 LANYARD RD
Laughlin Park420 ATLAS AVE
Lawrence Heights Park3 B FLEMINGTON RD
Lawrence Park Ravine51 ALEXANDER MUIR RD
Lee Centre Park112 CORPORATE DR
Len Braithwaite Park490 SILVERSTONE DR
Leonard Linton Park60 RESEARCH RD
Leslie Grove Park1158 Queen St. E
Leslie Park5200 LESLIE ST
Lessard Park52 LESSARD AVE
Leyton Tot Lot100 PRAIRIE DR
Liberty Village Park70 EAST LIBERTY ST
Lillian Park227 OTONABEE AVE
Lindylou Park14 LANYARD RD
Linkwood Lane Park10 LINKWOOD LANE
Linus Park125 SENECA HILL DR
Lionel Conacher Park80 COTTINGHAM ST
Lisgar Park60 LISGAR ST
Lissom Park338 HOMEWOOD AVE
Lithuania Park155 OAKMOUNT RD
Little Norway Park659 QUEENS QUAY W
Little Trinity Church Lands417 KING ST E
Littles Road Park30 Littles Rd.
Livingstone Park21 WOODVILLE AVE
Lloyd Manor Park147 LLOYD MANOR RD
Lochleven Park50 LOCHLEVEN DR
Longwood Park38 LONGWOOD DR
Lord Roberts Woods155 LORD ROBERTS DR
Lord Seaton Park168 UPPER CANADA DR
Lorraine Drive Park29 LORRAINE DR
Louise Russo Park42 FLINDON RD
Lucy Tot Lot2 SNEATH AVE
Lynedock Park29 LYNEDOCK CRES
Lynngate Park133 CASS AVE
Lytton Park200 LYTTON BLVD
Maberley Parkette76 MABERLEY CRES
MacGregor Playground346 LANSDOWNE AVE
Madelaine Park20 MADELAINE AVE
Maidavale Park1031 BIRCHMOUNT RD
Mallow Park8 MALLOW RD
Malta Park3179 DUNDAS ST W
Malvern Woods7600 SHEPPARD AVE E
Manchester Park75 MANCHESTER ST
Manhattan Park90 MANHATTAN DR
Maple Claire Park20 VIELLA ST
Maple Leaf Forever Park62 LAING ST
Maple Leaf Park320 CULFORD RD
Maplehurst Park296 MAPLEHURST AVE
Marble Hill Parkette22 A ENNERDALE RD
Margaret Fairley Park100 BRUNSWICK AVE
Maria Street Parkette240 Maria St.
Marian Engel Park285 MELITA AVE
Marie Curtis Park2 FORTY SECOND ST
Market Garden Mews25 MARKET GARDEN MEWS
Martingrove Gardens Park31 LAVINGTON DR
Mary Harker Park10 FOUR LEAF DR
Maryland Park19 MARYLAND BLVD
Masaryk Park212 Cowan Ave.
Masseygrove Park80 KENDLETON DR
Matty Eckler Playground953 Gerrard St. E
Maureen Parkette2 MAUREEN DR
Maurice J. Breen Park26 FORTY THIRD ST
Maxome Park67 MAXOME AVE
Maywood Tot Lot33 MAYWOOD PARK
McAllister Park31 MCALLISTER RD
McCleary Playground80 MC GEE ST
McCormick Park66 SHERIDAN AVE
McCowan District Park150 MCCOWAN RD
McCowan Park475 MCCOWAN RD
McDairmid Woods Park51 RUBIC CRES
McGregor Park2231 LAWRENCE AVE E
Mcnicoll Park215 MCNICOLL AVE
Megan Park4667 KINGSTON RD
Melbourne Avenue Parkette7 MELBOURNE AVE
Merrill Park5 MERRILL AVE
Michael Feldman Parkette576 Wilson Heights Blvd.
Michael Power Park5055 DUNDAS ST W
Mill Valley Park412 MILL RD
Milliken Park5555 STEELES AVE E
Millwood Park4370 BLOOR ST W
Mimico Memorial Park75 HILLSIDE AVE
Mimico Waterfront Park29 NORRIS CRES
Monarch Park115 FELSTEAD AVE
Moncur Playground10 GAINSBOROUGH RD
Mondeo Park80 MONDEO DR
Moore Park - North York110 CACTUS AVE
Mooregate Park164 TREVERTON DR
Moorevale Park175 MOORE AVE
Moreau Trail Park35 HERRON AVE
Morningside Park390 MORNINGSIDE AVE
Morse Street Playground76 MORSE ST
Mossgrove Park57 MOSSGROVE TRL
Mount Royal Parkette49 MOUNT ROYAL AVE
Muirhead Park65 MUIRHEAD RD
Muirlands Park40 MUIRLANDS DR
Municipal Park25 ANSELL AVE
Murison Park99 MURISON BLVD
Natal Park110 NATAL AVE
Nathan Phillips Square100 QUEEN ST W
Neil Mclellan Park263 BERESFORD AVE
Neilson Park - Etobicoke56 NEILSON DR
Neilson Park - Scarborough1555 NEILSON RD
Nesbitt Park69 NESBITT DR
Nightstar Park18 NIGHTSTAR RD
North Bendale Park40 ERINLEA CRES
North Bridlewood Park11 ADENCLIFF RD
North Humber Park2851 KIPLING AVE
North Kipling Park2729 KIPLING AVE
North Park587 RUSTIC RD
Northtown Park435 DORIS AVE
Northumberland Playground770 OSSINGTON AVE
Norwood Park16 NORWOOD RD
Oak Street Park165 RIVER ST
Oakcrest Parkette30 OAKCREST AVE
Oakdale Park350 Grandravine Dr.
Oakdale Village Park95 FRED YOUNG DR
Oakridge Park3459 DANFORTH AVE
Oates Park10 OATES DR
Old Orchard Park465 OLD ORCHARD GRV
Old Sheppard Park101 OLD SHEPPARD AVE
Ontario Street Parkette227 ONTARIO ST
Orchard Park1987 DUNDAS ST E
Oriole Park - North York2955 DON MILLS RD
Oriole Park - Toronto201 ORIOLE PKWY
Ormskirk Park33 ORMSKIRK CRT
Osler Playground123 ARGYLE ST
Ourland Park18 OURLAND AVE
Owen Park150 GORDON RD
Page Parkette23 VALLIERE PL
Park Lawn Park330 PARK LAWN RD
Parkview Park355 PARKVIEW AVE
Parkway Forest Park80 Parkway Forest Dr.
Pearen Park30 PEAREN ST
Pelham Avenue Playground20 PELHAM AVE
Pellatt Parkette325 PELLATT AVE
Pelmo Park171 PELLATT AVE
Pemberton Parkette89 PEMBERTON AVE
Perth Square Park350 PERTH AVE
Peter Secor Park235 CORONATION DR
Phil Givens Park99 CARIBOU RD
Phin Park115 CONDOR AVE
Pine Point Park4 CONAN RD
Pineway Park100 Pineway Blvd.
Pinto Park23 PINTO DR
Pleasantview Park61 Pleasant View Dr
Plowshare Park10 PLOWSHARE CRES
Plunkett Park188 PLUNKETT RD
Poplar Park40 WOOSTER WOOD
Port Royal Park50 PORT ROYAL TRL
Port Union Village Common Park105 BRIDGEND ST
Portage Gardens Park400 SIDNEY BELSEY CRES
Pottery Playground601 MERTON ST
Prairie Drive Park101 Pharmacy Ave
Pricefield Road Playground50 PRICEFIELD RD
Primrose Avenue Parkette120 PRIMROSE AVE
Primula Parkette86 PRIMULA CRES
Prince Charles Park36 PRINCE CHARLES DR
Prince of Wales Park1 THIRD ST
Princess Margaret Park1297 KIPLING AVE
Queens Avenue Parkette94 SUPERIOR AVE
Queensland Park65 BRAWLEY AVE
Queensway Park8 AVON PARK DR
Rainbow Park250 Rory Rd.
Ramsden Park1020 YONGE ST
Ranchdale Park44 RANCHDALE CRES
Randy Padmore Park47 DENISON AVE
Ranee Park326 RANEE AVE
Ravina Gardens290 CLENDENAN AVE
Raymore Park95 RAYMORE DR
Rean Park7 REAN DR
Redgrave Park48 REDGRAVE DR
Redpath Avenue Parkette130 ERSKINE AVE
Rees Street Parkette238 QUEENS QUAY W
Regan Park9310 SHEPPARD AVE E
Regent Park600 DUNDAS ST E
Regents Park115 WESTBOURNE AVE
Rennie Park1 RENNIE TER
Rexlington Park30 BERGAMOT AVE
Ricardo Parkette180 MAPLE LEAF DR
Richview Park555 MARTIN GROVE RD
Ridge Park85 RIDGE RD
Rita Cox Park14 MACHELLS AVE
Ritchie Avenue Parkette77 RITCHIE AVE
Riverdale Park East550 BROADVIEW AVE
Riverlea Park919 SCARLETT RD
Robert Hicks Park39 ROBERT HICKS DR
Robert Leek Memorial Park3 Hanover Rd.
Rockford Park70 Rockford Rd.
Ron Watson Park140 BONIS AVE
Rosebank Park1051 PROGRESS AVE
Rosedale Park20 SCHOLFIELD AVE
Rosemount Gardens Parkette255 QUEENSLEA AVE
Roseneath Park15 GLENHURST AVE
Rosethorn Park26 REMINGTON DR
Rotary Peace Park25 ELEVENTH ST
Roundhouse Park255 BREMNER BLVD
Rowatson Park37 ROWATSON RD
Rowena Park75 ROWENA DR
Royal Crest Park50 CABERNET CIR
Royal Rouge Tot Lot65 ROYAL ROUGE TRL
Roywood Park2 ROYWOOD DR
Ruddington Park75 RUDDINGTON DR
Runnymede Park221 RYDING AVE
Rustic Park35 RAVEN RD
S.A.D.R.A. Park455 Old Weston Rd.
Sackville Playground420 KING ST E
Saddletree Park50 SADDLETREE DR
Sandover Park10 SANDOVER DR
Sandown Park50 NATAL AVE
Sandy Bruce Park426 MOORE AVE
Sanwood Park20 SANWOOD BLVD
Scarboro Crescent Park61 UNDERCLIFF DR
Scarborough Village Park23 GATESVIEW AVE
Scarden Park1649 WARDEN AVE
Scarlett Heights Park24 FONTENAY CRT
Seasons Park40 SEASONS DR
Seneca Hill Park620 SENECA HILL DR
Sentinel Park295 SENTINEL RD
Sergeant Ryan Russell Parkette250 AVENUE RD
Seven Oaks Park372 MILITARY TRL
Shawn Blu Rose Park30 EMPRINGHAM DR
Shawnee Park81 SHAWNEE CIR
Sheppard East Park229 GLENDORA AVE
Shepton Way Park115 SANWOOD BLVD
Sherbourne Common5 LOWER SHERBOURNE ST
Sherwood Park190 SHERWOOD AVE
Shoreham Park2 SHOREHAM CRT
Silver Creek Park44 STRATHDEE DR
Silverhill Park70 SILVERHILL DR
Silverstone Park160 SILVERSTONE DR
Silverthorn Parkette181 SCOTT RD
Silverview Park23 SILVERVIEW DR
Silvio Colella Park20 LAURA RD
Sir Casimir Gzowski Park2001 LAKE SHORE BLVD W
Sisken Trail Park157 STAINES RD
Six Points Park10 VIKING LANE
Skeens Lane Parkette8 TWENTY NINTH ST
Skymark Park3500 DON MILLS RD
Smithfield Park173 MOUNT OLIVE DR
Smithwood Park79 SMITHWOOD DR
Snider Parkette2 LYTTON BLVD
Snowhill Park15 SNOWHILL CRES
Sonya's Park63 OXFORD ST
Southwell Park25 SOUTHWELL DR
Spencer - Cowan Parkette80 SPENCER AVE
Spenvalley Park130 SPENVALLEY DR
Spring Garden Park32 MEADOW CREST RD
St. James Park120 KING ST E
St. James Town West Park589 SHERBOURNE ST
St. Lucie Park3300 WESTON RD
Stafford Park100 STAFFORD RD
Stan Wadlow Park888 COSBURN AVE
Stanley Avenue Park55 STATION RD
Stanley G. Grizzle Park21 CHISHOLM AVE
Stanley Greene Park55 Stanley Greene Blvd.
Stanley Park North - Toronto890 KING ST W
Starry Park505 STAINES RD
Stephen Leacock Park2530 BIRCHMOUNT RD
Stephenson Park61 STEPHENSON AVE
Stonehouse Park671 MARTIN GROVE RD
Strathburn Park55 STRATHBURN BLVD
Sumach - Shuter Parkette485 SHUTER ST
Summerlea Park2 ARCOT BLVD
Sunnydale Acres Park50 AMORO DR
Sunnylea Park195 PRINCE EDWARD DR S
Sunnyside Park1755 LAKE SHORE BLVD W
Susan Tibaldi Parkette620 BROCK AVE
Suydam Park22 RELMAR RD
Sweeney Park110 SWEENEY DR
Syd Cole Park60 Eastwood Park Gardens
Taddle Creek Park40 BEDFORD RD
Talara Park35 TALARA DR
Tall Pines Park64 RYLANDER BLVD
Talwood Park36 TALWOOD DR
Tamarisk Park47 KISKADEE DR
Telfer Park71 PINERY TRL
Terraview Park1625 PHARMACY AVE
Terry Fox Park300 BAMBURGH CIR
Thirty-Eighth Street Park351 LAKE PROMENADE
Thomson Memorial Park1005 BRIMLEY RD
Three Valleys Park82 THREE VALLEYS DR
Tichester Park27 TICHESTER RD
Timberbank Park240 TIMBERBANK BLVD
Tiverton Avenue Parkette45 TIVERTON AVE
Tom Riley Park4725 DUNDAS ST W
Topcliff Park75 Topcliff Ave.
Topham Park181 WESTVIEW BLVD
Toronto Island Park9 QUEENS QUAY W
Toronto Island Park - Centre Island9 QUEENS QUAY W
Toronto Island Park - Hanlan's Point9 QUEENS QUAY W
Toronto Island Park - Olympic Island9 QUEENS QUAY W
Toronto Island Park - Ward's Island1 CENTRE ISLAND PARK
Totts Tot Lot1 GRADWELL DR
Tournament Park40 TOURNAMENT DR
Traymore Park5 TRAYMORE CRES
Trethewey Park East121 TRETHEWEY DR
Trethewey Park West665 TRETHEWEY DR
Treverton Park20 A OAKWORTH CRES
Trinity Bellwoods Park790 QUEEN ST W
Trudelle Park36 TRUDELLE ST
Turnberry North Park44 ALGARVE CRES
Turnberry South Park31 ALENTEJO ST
Turpin Avenue Park12 TURPIN AVE
Underhill Park25 CASSANDRA BLVD
Underpass Park33 St. Lawrence St
Upper Junction Park85 BIRDSTONE CRES
Upwood Greenbelt44 MARSHLYNN AVE
Van Horne Park561 VAN HORNE AVE
Vermont Square Park819 PALMERSTON AVE
Verobeach Parkette135 VEROBEACH BLVD
Victoria Memorial Square Park10 NIAGARA ST
Viewmount Park169 VIEWMOUNT AVE
Village Green Park925 ALBION RD
Vine Avenue Playground200 VINE AVE
Viola Desmond Park85 HUPFIELD TRL
Vradenberg Park40 VRADENBERG DR
Wadsworth Park120 CONNOLLY ST
Wallace C. Swanek Park241 GARY DR
Wallace Emerson Park1260 DUFFERIN ST
Walter Saunders Memorial Park440 HOPEWELL AVE
Wanless Park250 WANLESS AVE
Warden Hilltop Community Centre25 MENDELSSOHN ST
Warner Park75 WARNER AVE
Warrender Park63 WARRENDER AVE
Wayne Parkette50 WAYNE AVE
Wedgewood Park - Etobicoke15 SWAN AVE
Wedgewood Park - North York145 WEDGEWOOD DR
Wellesley Park500 WELLESLEY ST E
Wellesworth Park55 DIXFIELD DR
Wells Hill Park145 Hilton Ave.
Wenderly Park89 WENDERLY DR
West Birkdale Park514 MIDWEST RD
West Hill Park170 WEIR CRES
West Humber Parkland451 ALBION RD
West Lodge Park165 LANSDOWNE AVE
West Rouge Park270 ROUGE HILLS DR
Westgrove Park15 REDGRAVE DR
Westlake Park86 JASPER AVE
Westmoreland Avenue Parkette11 WESTMORELAND AVE
Westmount Park22 ARCADE DR
Weston Lions Park2125 LAWRENCE AVE W
Weston Village Park99 WEST OAK CRES
Westway Park175 THE WESTWAY
Westwood Park994 CARLAW AVE
Wexford Park55 ELM BANK RD
White Haven Park63 INVERGORDON AVE
Wickson Trail Park30 SILVERBELL GRV
Wigmore Park106 WIGMORE DR
Wildwood Crescent Playground110 WILDWOOD CRES
Willard Gardens Parkette55 MAYFIELD AVE
Willesden Park88 WILLESDEN RD
Willis Blair Parkette1570 O'CONNOR DR
Willowdale Park75 HOLLYWOOD AVE
Willowridge Park10 EARLDOWN DR
Wincott Park86 NORTHCREST RD
Windwood Park38 WINDWOOD DR
Winslow - Dalesford Parkette107 WESLEY ST
Wishing Well Park1700 PHARMACY AVE
Wishing Well Woods1801 PHARMACY AVE
Withrow Park and Clubhouse725 LOGAN AVE
Woburn Avenue Playground75 WOBURN AVE
Woburn Park - North York575 CRANBROOKE AVE
Woburn Park - Scarborough50 DORMINGTON DR
Woodbine Beach Park1675 LAKE SHORE BLVD E
Woodbine Park1695 QUEEN ST E
Woodborough Park1486 CASTLEFIELD AVE
Woodrow Park260 AYLESWORTH AVE
Woolner Park735 JANE ST
Wychwood Barns Park76 WYCHWOOD AVE
York Mills Valley Park3865 YONGE ST
Yorkwoods Park20 YORKWOODS GT
Zooview Park50 HEDGE END RD
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