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Learn to Bike Safely While Having Fun!

Do you want to learn to cycle safely? Our learn-to-bike programs & clinics are perfect for those starting to ride a bicycle or those with limited cycling experience. We offer courses for all ages! For the ease and comfort of our riders, our classes take place in parking lots, grassy areas or indoor arenas, where available. Organized group rides take place on residential streets, arterial roads or along designated bicycle paths.

Course Requirements Students must meet the minimum level for each course and must have the following:

  • A bicycle in good working order, including a bell
  • Properly fitting approved bicycle helmet (CSA, Snell, ASTM, CPSC, or ANSI)
  • A bicycle lock

CAN BIKE - Leadership

CAN-BIKE courses follow the curriculum of Cycling Canada Cyclisme. Successful certification is recognized by the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario. Students must bring their own bike helmet, bicycle with a bell, and a bike lock.

CAN-BIKE Level 4 is an 18-hour course taught over multiple visits, typically 3 or 4 dates. Successful completion of the Bike Handling Skills test, written exam and Road Test will earn CAN-BIKE Level 4 Certification, which may be used for employment purposes.

Prerequisites: Students must be 18 years of age or older, and able to ride confidently in traffic on busy streets, and in all weather conditions. Students must pass a Bike Handling Skills test to participate in the guided rides on major streets in traffic.

CAN-BIKE Level 5 is an intensive course typically taught over 4 dates, that certifies instructors to teach all levels of CAN-BIKE.

Prerequisites: Students must be 18 years of age or older, have CAN-BIKE Level 4 certification, and Standard First Aid certificate.

Learn to Bike - Child

LEARN TO BIKE COURSES: Brand new riders and beginners will learn how to balance, pedal, steer and stop on a bicycle. Students remain on site for all lessons. Students must bring their own bicycle helmet and a bicycle with a bell and training wheels removed. Learn to Bike courses offer 6 hours of lessons over multiple visits. Learn to Bike with Caregiver teaches the child to ride while coaching Caregivers to support the child learner. Caregivers will not be using a bicycle. Workshop: Learn to Bike is a 2-hour semi-private clinic that focuses on one or two specific skill areas. Workshop: Big City Cycling is a 2-hour clinic for all ages that covers buying a bicycle, helmet, cargo carriers, bike tools; locking your bicycle securely; fixing a flat tire, riding safely in the city. BIKE HANDLING SKILLS COURSES: Riders will strengthen basic skills and learn how to do hand signals, shoulder checks, steering, turning and changing gears. Students must bring their own bicycle helmet, a working bicycle with a bell, and a lock. Student remain on-site for all lessons. Bike Handling Skills is a 6-hour course over multiple visits. Workshop: Bike Handling is a 2-hour semi-private clinic that focuses on one or two specific skill areas. NOTE: Learn to Bike and Bike Handling Skills can also be taken at summer day camp. See summer camp listings for SPECIALTY CAMP: LEARN TO BIKE. Children will be separated into Learn to Bike or Bike Handling camp groups based on skill levels.