It’s an exciting time for digital media because we are so relevant with the global shift to virtual environment as we are collaborating with more than 45 artists engaging the public through streamed content with soundscapes with incredible DJs (Nuit Live), augmented and virtual reality (Nuit in Your Neighbourhood), podcasts and talks with key national and international artists and leaders (Nuit Talks and Nuit Podcast), and finally a digital walk down memory lane with over a 1,000 works from the last 14 years (Nuit History)…

I am thrilled with all the virtual additions and the possibility to create a new adventure, which will allow for ground-breaking creative and engaging with public art into the future. Nuit Blanche 2020 might feel and look different, however, the overall programming endeavours to recreate the feeling of exploring art in public spaces and the excitement of discovery, wonder and awe it brings.”

– Artistic Director, Dr. Julie Nagam

Dr. Julie Nagam is the Nuit Blanche artistic director for the 2020 and 2021 events. The two-year curatorial theme for Nuit Blanche, “The Space Between Us”, focuses on the connections across urban, polar and pacific landscapes revealing the space between us as a potential site for sharing knowledges. As part of the Year of Public Art for 2021, Nuit Blanche will expand city-wide.

People are the heart of their communities and this curatorial theme will focus on the connections across urban, polar and pacific landscapes revealing the space between us as a potential site for sharing knowledge. People have always commingled with different communities and nations – to build new spaces and families, shifting their relationships and connections to each other and to place.

People disrupt and transform space which make connections that are meaningful with communities and place. The global crisis of displacing people brings communities together to stand up for humanity and support each other, now more than ever. It reminds us of our willingness to connect when our future is linked to the collaboration between cultures, knowledge, nations and practices.

This curatorial theme invites artists to build bridges between cultures, communities, and the environment. To transform the city by telling your stories about the connection to place.

Dr. Julie Nagam is Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Arts, Collaboration and Digital Media and is an Associate Professor at the University of Winnipeg. Dr. Nagam’s SSHRC research includes digital makerspaces + incubators, mentorship, digital media + design, international collaborations and place-based knowledge.

She is a collective member of GLAM, which works on curatorial activism, Indigenous methodologies, public art, digital technologies, and engagement with place. Dr. Nagam is the Director of Aabijijiwan New Media Lab and Co-Director of Kishadigeh Collaborative Research Centre in Winnipeg, Canada and her scholarship, curatorial and artistic practice have been featured nationally and internationally.