• Artist: Christine Dewancker
  • Medium: Installation
  • Project Type: Independent Projects
  • Neighbourhood: Fort York

A large projection traces the original shoreline of Toronto, and it allows viewers to walk along the historic edge of the city.


  • Intersection: Fort York Blvd. & Bathurst St.
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible
  • Indoors/Outdoors: Outdoors

The Project

“Daylighting” will bring the original shoreline of Toronto to life. A large projection will be animated to mimic water cascading on the shore, stretching along a 100-foot corridor near the Fort York Historic Site. This projection will be accompanied by sounds of waves, allowing viewers to be immersed in a large, evocative space. This project will be located at the heart of a development boom in Toronto. Nearby is a unique mix of commercial, residential and industrial landmarks, as well as the historic site of Fort York. Collectively, this area has recorded (and re-recorded) many eras of development—from early settlement, fortification and defense to an industrial boom. The growth of Toronto and citizens’ relationships to the waterfront will be key concepts underlining this work. Viewers will be able to stand along what was once the shoreline of the city, and to consider the monumental changes that have occurred there.

The Artist

Christine Dewancker is a Toronto artist. Through her work, she explores the physical and psychological effects of the spaces we occupy. She also looks at how the built environment informs our relationships with each other. Her projects often include large-scale, site-specific installations. These create unique experiences that foreground new understandings between site, context and inhabitant.


  • This project was supported through Toronto Arts Council Strategic Funding.