• Artist: VIBE Arts
  • Medium: Multimedia Installation
  • Project Type: Independent Projects
  • Neighbourhood: Scarborough

Come and experience the “Journée” VIBE Arts artists took to get to Nuit Blanche.


Scarborough Civic Centre Health Clinic

  • Address: 160 Borough Dr.
  • Public Washrooms: Yes
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible
  • Schedule: Five different exhibiting artists in two-hour time slots: schedule TBA.

The Project

“Journée” is a one-month art-in-mentorship project designed to guide five young, dedicated emerging artists on the journey to becoming established artists. “Journée” is the French word for “day” in relation to a full day—from sunrise to sunset. Yet many artists might say that the life of an artist never stops, even if the day has. Artists are constantly in creative mode: in search of new growth, new sights, new visions and new experiences. In this project, four different visual artists and one live performer will showcase and exhibit their talents beyond the day, and throughout the night.

The Artist

VIBE Arts is an award-winning charitable organization committed to providing children and youth in under-resourced communities with high-quality community and school-based arts education.


VIBE Arts would like to thank participating artists Camelle Davidson, Jason Jamaal, Matthew Cuff, Jasmine Wemigwans and Mirka Loiselle.