• Artist: Markus Heckmann
  • Medium: Light Installation
  • Project Type: Creation : Destruction
  • Curator: Layne Hinton and Rui Pimenta
  • Neighbourhood: Fort York

Using light, video and fog, this artwork will play with the illusion of a fiery opening cut into the outside of an old garbage-incineration facility .


Wellington Destructor, City of Toronto Transportation Yard

  • Address: 677 Wellington St. W
    Uneven pavement.
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible, uneven surface throughout the viewing area
  • Indoors/Outdoors: Outdoors
  • Content: Smoke Fog

The Project

Built in 1925 and closed in the 1980s, the Wellington Street Incinerator (a.k.a. The Wellington Destructor) while grand in design, was built to serve one of our city’s basest needs—the disposal of garbage. In response to this unique and historic site, artist Markus Heckmann will create a work that reimagines a now obsolete space. Once animated by the fires that fueled the incinerator, the building has for decades been dark. Using light and projection, audiences will have the chance to peer into the imagined and mysterious “soul” of the building. With the brightly shifting focus and movement of the light, the structure’s very presence could appear to fade away. “LAB001” will "rupture" the incinerator’s austere architectural shell aiming to reveal the complex dynamic at the very heart of our problematic relationship with material culture: the relentless movement of things from utility to waste.

The Artist

Markus Heckmann has a keen interest in light-based artwork and its effects in spaces. In his professional work with Toronto-based software company Derivative, and in his artistic experiments, he playfully gauges the possibilities of the medium through both audiovisual and sculptural installations.


  • This project is sponsored by

With thanks to Janine Marchessault, and Future Cinema Lab, York University.