• Artist: Ghost Atelier
  • Medium: Sculptural Installation
  • Project Type: Special Projects
  • Neighbourhood: Downtown

A 25-foot (7.5 metre) high shard of “cracked ice” will emerge on Yonge–Dundas Square as a massive reminder of the effects of climate change. It aims to inspire the public to act.


Yonge-Dundas Square

  • Address: 1 Dundas St. E.
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible
  • Indoors/Outdoors: Outdoors
  • Content: Family friendly, Smoke Fog

The Project

Using a diverse skillset ranging from architecture to neuroscience, the artists of Ghost Atelier will create a pilgrimage-like destination in Toronto’s busiest public square. Reflecting on sacred architecture, the artists will frame nature as a place of witness and collective grieving. Melting glaciers, one of the most visible elements of the ongoing environmental disaster, have inspired a number of art projects to date. Ghost Atelier will go a step further to show the deep connection between the diminishing ice caps and the narrowing future of humankind. Bringing the audience inside the deep crevasse in the glacier, the installation will serve as a physical reminder of the state of the planet. As well as aiming to inspire public action against climate change, the installation will emphasize the importance of bearing witness when it comes to life—and especially, to death.

The Artist

  • Ghost Atelier, Toronto, Canada

Ghost Atelier is a multidisciplinary collective fascinated with the influence of designed environments on human physiological response. Their installation work features dynamic visuals and sculptural forms. The collective members first met through HXOUSE—a program brought to Toronto by La Mar Taylor, creative director behind The Weeknd/XO brand, and Ahmed Ismail.


  • In partnership with

  • Funding provided by

This project was created in partnership with HXOUSE; it was the winner of the public art open call. Curated by La Mar Taylor, Joachim Johnson and Umbereen Inayet. Special thanks to Philip Beesley and Director X for their consultation.