• Artists: The E.W.o.C. Project, Monica Gutierrez, Car Martin, Daniela Rocha, Francine Peltier, Curtia Wright
  • Medium: Interactive Installation
  • Project Type: Independent Projects
  • Neighbourhood: Scarborough

This project invites audiences to join artists in painting a rotating cylindrical canvas. “Revolutions” echoes how artists build on each other's ideas, works and wisdom.


Toronto Public Library - Scarborough Civic Centre Branch, exterior

  • Address: 156 Borough Dr.
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible
  • Indoors/Outdoors: Outdoors

The Project

“Revolutions” is a participatory and performative painting installation, that will bring movement to the usually static process of collaborative mural-making. Nuit Blanche audiences, alongside five female-identified IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, People of Colour) artists will paint a curving structure that is in constant motion throughout the night. Artists will stay in fixed places as the bicycle-powered structure slowly rotates. Inevitably, artists will paint over each other’s work; this will create a constant cycle of creation and destruction, of building up and layering over. “Revolutions” hopes to vibrantly render the intersecting stories of women of colour in Toronto and Scarborough. Artists and audiences will work together to make these narratives seen, and will create a tapestry that combines them into a larger form. “Revolutions” holds a double meaning: it refers to the rotating motion of the structure, as well as the empowering theme of collaboration in marginalized communities.

The Artists

The E.W.o.C. Project highlights women of colour and their intersecting identities through community-based art projects, workshops and street arts. The project is co-presented with Monica Gutierrez. Gutierrez is a Toronto-based Colombian artist, producer and director of films and videos. For "Revolutions," the E.W.o.C. Project and Gutierrez partner with architect Car Martin and artists Daniela Rocha, Francine Peltier, and Curtia Wright.


  • This project was supported through Toronto Arts Council Strategic Funding.

The “Revolutions” team would like to thank the TAC Animating Toronto Streets program, and the George Brown College School of Design.