• Artist: Durothethird
  • Medium: Interactive Installation
  • Project Type: Queens and Kings of Scarborough
  • Curator: Ashley McKenzie-Barnes
  • Neighbourhood: Scarborough

In a tribute to his hometown, Durothethird makes royalty of everyone in this immersive installation combining graffiti with sculpture.


Albert Campbell Square

  • Address: 150 Borough Dr.
    Amphitheatre Stage in Albert Campbell Square
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible
  • Indoors/Outdoors: Outdoors
  • Content: Family friendly

The Project

Scarborough-based artist Durothethird brings elements of street art to the public, creating an immersive experience where viewers are reminded of their royal roots. Combining graffiti’s raw energy with a participatory sculpture, this artwork will give every resident of Scarborough—and beyond—the opportunity to be queen or king of this domain. Drawing on narratives from the diverse geographies that make up the borough, the artist will showcase his pride in coming from an area of the GTA that has evolved and contributed to this city’s cultural fabric. Participants will be able to stake their claim as “Scarborough Royalty” with reflective pieces of Duro’s early graffiti work. Viewers will also be able to explore various areas of the borough through a large-scale map. The installation is dedicated to its patrons by a resident artist who has used the streets and public spaces of this community as his canvas since 1989. The artist himself spent much of his youth in the very courtyard where this installation will reside.

Extended Project Details: This project will be on view until October 14th. Open 24/7.

The Artist

Beginning his artistic career at the age of 13, Scarborough-based artist Durothethird has made murals that can be spotted throughout Scarborough, including along the Scarborough RT. His work spans Canada, Australia and the United States, and his clients include Google, Sprint, Tiesto, MGM Grand, Facebook, Adidas and Walmart, as well as many local entrepreneurs.