• Artist: Frank Perna
  • Medium: Video Installation
  • Project Type: Independent Projects
  • Neighbourhood: West Queen West

This video installation invites viewers to immerse themselves in imagined landscapes. Naturally occurring elements meet environmental catastrophes, and speculative waterscapes meld with abstract spaces.


St. Anne's Anglican Church

  • Address: 270 Gladstone Ave.
  • Public Washrooms: Yes
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible

The Project

“Wetworlds” will invite viewers to question what seem to be views of Earth from above. Camera pans across unknown surfaces will follow the play of light across changing tones and morphing textures. Hundreds of video clips, slowed to a glacial pace, will be fused together in this 12-hour two-channel video loop. The two channels will be identical—except one will be inverted. The resulting relationships will only match or mirror at the halfway point of the process. This installation will offer thousands of possible visual diptychs that are constantly changing. An ambient soundtrack will accentuate the meditative, hypnotic effect of this slow-moving work.

The Artist

Frank Perna is a multi-media artist with 40 years’ experience exhibiting and curating solo and group shows. As a 28-year veteran scenic artist, Perna’s work can most recently be seen in four-time Oscar-winning feature film “The Shape of Water.”


Frank Perna would like to thank Jay McIvor, engineering, mastering and video editing; Squidmachine, ambient soundtracks; Wally Jericho, Longo Hai (sound production), Jay McIvor; Lucy Perna and Derek Stryland, web assistance; and Roxane O’Brien, production and media editing.