• Artist: Javid Jah
  • Medium: Multimedia Installation
  • Project Type: Independent Projects
  • Neighbourhood: Downtown

A cosmic architectural experience captures the alignments of planetary bodies via holographic projections.


David Pecaut Square

  • Address: 215 King St. W.
  • Public Washrooms: No
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible, uneven surface throughout the viewing area
  • Schedule: 6:45pm - Venus x Mercury (conjunction) 9:23pm - Jupiter x Venus (sextile) 10:41pm - Sun x Saturn (square) 11:57pm - Mars x Moon (square) 1:33am - Moon x Venus (sextile) (Pleiades @ Mid Heaven) 4:05am - Mercury x Neptune (trine) 5:43am - Sun x Saturn (square)

The Project

"XSITE” will invite audiences to test their relationships with the heavenly bodies orbiting Toronto on Nuit Blanche. Two modified shipping containers will track planets and stars as they form aspects over the course of the night. (An aspect is a moment when two celestial bodies share a particular angle in relation to one another—such as a conjunction, opposition, trine or square.) A variety of ancient civilizations celebrated key aspects, translating their energies and auras in script, image and sound. The mathematical foundations of these aspects also provided the structure of what are now referred to as “sacred geometries.” “XSITE” revisits the spirit of this wisdom, proposing an immersive experience based on cosmological principles founded in Sufism and Vedism. A schedule features seven aspects. This will allow viewers to choose a time to congregate based on their birthdate, and based on which planet rules their zodiac sign.

The Artist

Javid Jah is a street artist and industrial designer based in Toronto. His studio projects migrate between public art murals and contemporary architecture, and his practice explores how marginal identities (such as graffiti and Islam) impact spatial design. Notable commissions include the dome of Madinah Masjid, Kennedy RT station and the Aga Khan Museum Park.


  • This project was supported through Toronto Arts Council Strategic Funding.

“XSITE” was designed in collaboration with Wonder Inc. Other contributions include audiovisual development by Chris Ak, structural engineering by Blackwell Engineers, shipping-container modifications by Storstac Containers, fabrication by Joachim Wessmark, and visuals in collaboration with XYZ Crew.