• Artists: Nuit Blanche Fellowship 2021, Mason Victoria, Andres Arroyo, Dana Dabagh, Matt Greenwood, Dhaivat Jani, Hailey Nguyen , Mercedes Psenicnik, Mert Tanatmis
  • Medium: Digital Media
  • Project Type: Independent Projects
  • Neighbourhood: Etobicoke

This 10-minute interactive digital art piece invites you to take on the role of an unnamed character trying to escape the commotions of everyday life.


Humber Lakeshore Campus, Cafeteria in L Building- 2nd Floor

  • Address: 19 Colonel Samuel Smith Park
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible
  • Content: Loud noises, Other (please specify)

The Project

As social, political, and economic changes dramatically impact our world, humans are feeling increasingly disconnected from their local environments. The unusual speed in which technology has advanced can be overwhelming, and fundamentally challenge our traditional perception of these relationships. Yet while art and technology may seem contradictory when paired together, they can play a crucial role in strengthening our connections to others and ourselves. Over 14 weeks, the 2021 Nuit Blanche Fellowship team conceptualized and produced an artistic project driven by one such narrative journey. Together they created "A Way Closer," a 10-minute interactive digital art piece that invites participating audiences to take on the role of an unnamed character who is desperately trying to escape the commotions caused by everyday life. Inspired by Nuit Blanche Toronto's curatorial theme, this immersive video game experience reflects on all the relationships we sometimes take for granted. It challenges participants to discover what human connections really mean in the wake of unexpected isolation, social upheaval, and technological acceleration. "A Way Closer" invites the audience to slow down and embrace the passing of time, celebrating the inevitable bond between art and technology as part of a universal human experience.

The Artists

In 2021, Humber Galleries partnered with Nuit Blanche Toronto, and established the inaugural Nuit Blanche Fellowship. Under the supervision and mentorship of Humber staff, a team of seven multi-disciplinary students were selected to explore their individual artistic talents, while working together on the ideation and production of a project inspired by Nuit Blanche’s 2020 and 2022 curatorial theme, The Space Between Us. Over the span of 14 weeks, they created "A Way Closer," a 10-minute interactive digital art piece.


  • Exhibition Sponsor

The 2021 Nuit Blanche Fellowship team would like to thank staff from Humber College and the City of Toronto, and the many mentors they’ve met along the way. They would especially like to recognize the ongoing support of Humber Galleries.