• Artists: Secret Teatime, Helen Kong, Momo Yoshida, Susanna Sun , Makeshift Collective, Satoshi Yoshikawa, Mika Sato , Sabrina Tu, Justine Wong
  • Medium: Installation
  • Project Type: Independent Projects
  • Neighbourhood: Don Mills

The space between us is an ichigo-ichie (once in a lifetime) moment shared. Experience art, sip tea, and create shared memories together. Extended Project Hours: October 2 - 9, 10:00AM to 5:00AM


Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

  • Address: 6 Garamond
  • Physical Access: Not wheelchair accessible
  • Schedule: October 2 to 10. Viewable from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Project

The term ichigo-ichie(一期一会), derived from East Asian philosophy, reminds us that every encounter is unique and not repeatable, so it should be treasured. In the Way of Tea, we not only sit and enjoy a beverage, but also share a connection between people through art, tea, and culture. Guests will first walk through a "tea garden" installation made up of ceramic sculptures, plants, and paper wall hangings. Participants will then be guided through one of three tea rooms: a Japanese, Taiwanese, or Chinese tea space for either a personalized experience or self-guided exploration of tea and spirituality. The tea spaces will be partially enclosed and intimate. Each tea practitioner will have their own way of serving tea using wares made by local artists. The gatherings will be recorded by artists sketching in tea journals. Guests will leave knowing that they've contributed to the history of these tea wares. An exhibition and catalogue will be made following this event, along with ceramic wares for purchase. RSVP online prior to event for limited spots in the Japanese and Taiwanese tearoom. Drop-in and rush line opportunities will also be available. Please follow our social media account for work-in-progress posts, announcements, and ticket information prior to the event.

The Artists

  • Secret Teatime
  • Helen Kong

  • Momo Yoshida

  • Susanna Sun

  • Makeshift Collective

  • Satoshi Yoshikawa

  • Mika Sato

  • Sabrina Tu

  • Justine Wong

Helen Kong, the owner of Secret Teatime, is a ceramicist and tea practitioner. She gathers fellow artists (Justine Wong, Sabrina Tu, and Mika Sato), makers (Satoshi Yoshikawa), designers (Makeshift Collective), tea practitioners (Momo Yoshida and Susanna Sun), and local small business owners to come together with their passion and artistry to create a multi-sensory art installation and tea event for the Toronto public.


Momo Tea and Cha Gloriette for providing tea. Secret Teatime and Mika Fleur for plants, teawares and sculptures. Makeshift Collective for space design, sculpture, and installation. Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre for providing a venue space. The Tea Guild of Canada for providing volunteer support. The unlisted sketch artists, tea enthusiasts, photographers, and other volunteers that support this project.