• Artists: Asli Alin, Bret Higgins
  • Medium: Installation
  • Project Type: Independent Projects
  • Neighbourhood: Downtown

Illuminated Inflorescence is an installation by Asli Alin, in which audiences interact and explore light and sound created by their motion.


235 Queens Quay W

  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible

The Project

Asli is fascinated by nature’s forms that display mathematical perfection. These forms show up in countless manifestations in the world around us: coral reefs, plant textures and patterns, snowflakes, crystals and more. Inspired by nature’s recurring forms, Asli created lluminated Inflorescence using mirrored and dichroic surfaces, connected together to form a crystal. She finds the formation of natural structures no different than the formation of civil society. Individuals who form communities can group together in endless configurations by means of immigration and/or being displaced for a variety of reasons, creating completely new and more diverse communities. Similarly, Illuminated Inflorescence is composed by smaller individual units connected together, resulting in a stable and strong crystal structure. Each modular unit is required, and important for the integrity of the installation, just as each and every individual human plays an important role within their community. The audience will observe a crystal form with a built-in interactive lighting system. The lights will change colour and direction, controlled by the motion of the viewer. Mirrored faces reflecting the viewers incorporate them into the composition. When observed in close proximity, audiences will also experience ethereal sound bites and drones stimulated by their movement.

The Artists

Asli is a multidisciplinary artist traversing disciplines of drawing, painting, installation and photography who holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. She has been commissioned to create public art in Canada and Europe and her work has been featured in a number of galleries throughout Toronto and abroad. Asli lives and works in Toronto.


Sound Design: Bret Higgins Lighting Consultant: Milos Popovic Many thanks to the Ontario Art Council for their support in this project through the Exhibition Assistance Program.