• Artist: Nike Onile
  • Medium: Interactive Installation
  • Project Type: Commissioned Project
  • Neighbourhood: Downtown

An outlet and valuable source of social recovery, The Dinner Table explores collective celebration in a city with a thirst to rebuild connections and renew social identity.


100 Yonge St

  • Address: 100 Yonge
  • Intersection: Adelaide Street W & Yonge St
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible
  • Indoors/Outdoors: Outdoors

The Project

With the current climate of our world, a hard couple of years of turmoil, collective sacrifice of gathering/celebrating milestones with loved ones and incredible isolation, now more than ever, the need for connection is visceral. We are all craving the warmth and solace that only gatherings can provide. With this as our backdrop, we bring centre stage a universal unifier – the dinner table. In most countries mealtime is treated as sacred. Even with language barriers, the dinner table acts as a place of community. It is one of those intimate places we go not only to break bread but to share stories, perspectives and laughter. The Dinner Table explores collective celebration in a city with a thirst to build connections and renew social identity/relationships. Amid the fast-paced environment of our bustling metropolis, a wondrous street-long all-white dinner table set in the middle of the street will be our canvas. Participants are invited to shower the table with coloured (non-toxic, biodegradable) dust in a dynamic celebration that will mark the many gatherings sacrificed over the last two years.

The Artist

Nike Onile is Principal designer of Studio Ode, spatial artist and master of holistic design. Believing that good design is created for all the senses, her keen eye has earned her a reputation amongst a new generation of placemakers shaping Canadian cities. Her unique approach is underpinned by storytelling and an obsession with honouring the history of the objects she works with. Known for bridging design elements with a simple human essence, Nike evokes the most wondrous emotions through spaces.