• Artist: Yaw Tony
  • Medium: Projection
  • Project Type: Independent Projects
  • Neighbourhood: Downtown

The Judgement of the Eye invites audiences to experience a new work in The Colour Odyssey series, a vibrant visual art experience.



  • Address: 229 Richmond
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible

The Project

The Judgement of the Eye takes us on a long journey of intertwining narratives. In connection to the theme, The Space Between Us, this work looks at how we can collectively tell new stories that amplify the contributions of all peoples, inviting our diverse beings into open space, while centering and reclaiming the importance of contributions to global societies. The juxtaposition of African origin tales on a Western cityscape is an insistence of the presence and influence of Africans globally, but particularly of our presence within the narrative of North America. The African aesthetic in particular is clearly present in many Western landscapes, physical and otherwise, but its origin has been blurred. The beauty of Africa and of African derived things are continually cast out. There is the idiomatic saying: beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or as Shakespeare writes it in Love’s Labour Lost, Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye. The Judgement of the Eye takes this Eurocentric idea, and both adopts and displaces it.

The Artist

Yaw Tony is a curator, designer and artist based in Toronto. Yaw is formally trained in Architecture, graphic design, and Fine Art, and works in those areas as well as product designs and creative consulting. Tony’s artistic practice is deeply influenced by the idea of value and the use of colours, their connection to humanity, their impact on human behaviour, and the impact of spaces on human sentiments. Yaw also engages in experimental research aimed at understanding the purpose of life.