• Artists: Maari Sugawara, Annie Sumi, Brian Kobayakawa , Erica Kaminishi
  • Medium: Exhibition
  • Project Type: Major Institutions
  • Neighbourhood: Don Mills

Immerse in a night of art, talks, and sound to reimagine the self and the collective.


6 Garamond Crt

  • Address: 6 Garamond
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible

The Project

The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre presents programming by Japanese Canadian artists: Maari Sugawara, Annie Sumi, Brian Kobayakawa and Japanese Brazilian artist: Erica Kaminishi. These exhibits are curated to revolve around the exploration of Nikkei identities by transnational artists who experience multiple levels of shifting communal memories and identities as well as contingent national identifications.