• Artist: Sun K. Kwak
  • Medium: Installation
  • Project Type: Commissioned Project
  • Neighbourhood: Downtown

This installation is part of a site-specific ephemeral series Space Drawing on an outer BLDG with industrially mass-produced materials, adhesive vinyl.


8 Adelaide St W

  • Address: 8 Adelaide
  • Physical Access: Not wheelchair accessible
  • Schedule: October 2 to 10.

The Project

Sun K. Kwak’s drawings are born through the communion between the material and the spiritual. Untying Space_Yonge 8 Adelaide is one of Sun’s site-specific Space Drawing series, which is created for Nuit Blanche 2022 in Toronto. The Untying Space series utilizes masking tape sometimes combined with adhesive graphic film. Sun creates abstract forms of rhythmic, expressive and dynamic lines in three-dimensional spaces in order to activate the static nature of an architectural grid. In response to ongoing global crises caused by pandemic diseases, wars and environmental devastation, Sun aims to visualize an epicentre of empowerment and reconciliation in order to evoke the urgency of co-existence in the midst of the Toronto cityscape. A digitally cut-out drawing rendered with graphic film will wrap the entire corner of the glass walls of the building, which symbolizes unity as a flaring cascade of white and iridescent colours form different shapes and lines, responding to the light, while blurring the spatial boundaries of the building. The Untying Space series is an ephemeral artwork, which will disappear when the exhibition ends. Ironically, its transient quality will give the installation a perpetual life, defined through dialogues between the visitors and the locus.

The Artist

Sun K. Kwak is a New York based artist. Kwak’s solo exhibitions have been held in Brooklyn Museum, New York, Queens Museum at Bulova in New York, and group exhibitions held in the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. Sun’s new sculptural Open-air Space Drawing is on view at St. Clemente Palace Kempinsky in Venice for Venice Biennale 2021-2022.


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