• Artists: Ryan Van Der Hout, Phillippe Villeneuve
  • Medium: Interactive Installation
  • Project Type: Major Institutions
  • Neighbourhood: Downtown

The Toronto Sculpture Garden is open to the public between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.


Toronto Sculpture Garden

  • Address: 115 King Street East
  • Public Washrooms: No
  • Physical Access: Wheelchair accessible, uneven surface throughout the viewing area

The Project

To Reflect Everything is a monumental sculptural work that investigates the complexities of queer utopia. Inspired by the 1986 Ajisai satellite, the large sphere is adorned with mirror-finished steel panels that both seamlessly and incongruously merge with its surroundings. To Reflect Everything appears poised for departure, as if preparing to transcend earthly boundaries. Reminiscent of a disco ball, the alluring surface invites viewers to delve into the realms of self-reflection and transformation, and to reconsider the urban environment of the TSG through distorted and fractured reflections.

The Artists

  • Ryan Van Der Hout

  • Phillippe Villeneuve

Ryan Van Der Hout is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist based in New York City who activates the material processes of making to navigate states of being such as grief, undoing, and queer becoming. His work spans photography, public art, and sculpture. Van Der Hout has exhibited at Metropolitan University Gallery, Filter Photo Chicago, Stills Scotland’s Centre for Photography, AGO, Parsons School of Design New York, and commissions include public art for the City of Toronto, Toronto Archives, TTC, OCAD, and Pemberton Developments.


United Contemporary, Art Toronto, Katriina Campitelli, Phillippe Villeneuve, Stefano Pagani, Shay Salehi, Parsons School of Design, MakerSpace Brooklyn, WNC Sculpture Centre, Ontario Arts Council