Some recreation programs require proof of full vaccination in order to participate. Find out who this affects and what is required on COVID-19: Proof of Vaccination.

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We’ve made changes to how we deliver recreation programming to help keep you safe. Visit Information for Being in Public Places to learn more about safety measures for other City services.

Health Checks

During every visit, everyone (including staff, participants and other facility users and visitors) must sign in. This includes:

  • completing a health screening
  • providing names and contact information to help with Toronto Public Health contact tracing

Participants are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes ahead of their program start time to allow for health screening.

Staff are required to perform a daily health screening before being permitted to start work.


  • Signage has been installed to remind participants and staff of respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene, mask or face covering requirements and how to physical distance to slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • Some programs will have traffic flow signs to aid participants in entering and exiting the program area

Masks and Barriers

  • Wearing non-medical (cloth) masks or face coverings can be an added public health measure for containing the spread of COVID-19 when it is used in combination with frequent handwashing, physical distancing and staying home when sick.
  • Facility users are required to wear a mask/face covering at all times while indoors.  Individuals may temporarily remove their mask where necessary while actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity.
  • Children two years of age and under are exempt from wearing a mask or face covering.
  • Plexiglas barriers have been installed at customer service desks.
  • Staff will wear medical masks in the performance of their duties and will follow the enhanced public health measures related to their program area.

Physical Distancing

  • Where proof of vaccination is required physical distancing is encouraged where possible
  • For programs and services where proof of vaccination is not required, individuals are required to maintain a physical distance of two metres from members that are not part of their household – even when wearing a mask.
  • Where applicable indoor gathering limits are in place and will be monitored and enforced by staff.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting will take place at all community centres.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for participants and staff.

General Program Adjustments

  • In order to maintain physical distancing and ensure health guidelines are followed, all programs for children three and under require a caregiver.
  • Program schedules have been modified to allow for cleaning and disinfecting and to help balance the entry and exit of participants.
  • Participants are encouraged to arrive ready for activities.
  • Participants are asked to leave the facility immediately after their program has ended.

An Adapted and Inclusive COVID-19 Pre-Program Participation Assessment Intake will need to be completed for all participants registered in programs. If the participant is not able to attend independently, they can attend with external support.

Find out more about Accessible Recreation or Accessible Recreation Facilities and Equipment.

  • Participants are encouraged to come dressed and ready to swim.
  • Participants must wear their masks or face covering when in indoor areas of the facility, including on the pool deck and in washrooms and change rooms
  • Clients are permitted to bring their own equipment.  Sharing of equipment is only permitted amongst members of the same household.

Learn more about Swimming and Splash Pads.

Aquafit, Leisure Swim and Lane Swim

  • Capacity limits may vary depending on the size of the location
  • Lane swim capacity is a maximum of up to six people per lane
  • Leisure swim capacity is a maximum of up tp 75 per cent

There are no additional restrictions for Arts and Dance Programs during COVID-19.

  • All programs for children three and under require a caregiver.
  • Where programs request a caregiver, they may provide care to a maximum of two children (including infants) during the program.
  • Only registered participants and their caregivers are allowed to attend. Non-registered children will not be permitted.
  • Program tables will be set up to allow for two metres of physical distancing.
  • Equipment and toys will be disinfected between programs.

Enhanced Youth Spaces will feature smaller program sizes. Participants will be required to register at their local Youth Space and will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. To learn more about your Youth Space capacity, contact your local Youth Recreation Programmer.

Learn more about Youth and Recreation.

  • Fitness centres, weight rooms, walking tracks and fitness classes are available.
  • Change rooms are open and lockers are available.
  • Saunas and steams rooms are open.
  • Fitness centre participants are required to wipe down equipment before and after use.
  • Participants may bring their own mats, resistance bands, yoga blocks, foam rollers and weights.

Find out more about Fitness Programs.

There are no additional restrictions for General Interest Programs during COVID-19.

For all skating programs, including Leisure Skate:

  • Outdoor and indoor rinks have no capacity limit.
  • Proof of vaccination is needed for indoor rinks.
  • Proof of vaccination is not needed for outdoor rinks.
  • Masks are required at all times while indoors, masks can temporarily be removed to skate indoors.
  • Masks are not required at outdoor rinks.
  • Change rooms and washrooms are open at rinks that have them.
  • Lockers and skate rentals are open at rinks that offer them.
  • Equipment, like hockey nets and skate aids, will be available for use at select rinks.

Find out more about Skating and Winter Sports. Skating – General Information has details on helmets, strollers on the ice, sledges, accessibility and other safety information.

There are no additional restrictions for Instructional Skate Programs or Hockey/Shinny Programs during COVID-19.


  • Sizing of sledges will be arranged before the first day of programs.
  • Caregivers will be required to attend with participants to assist them in/out of sledges.
  • Sledges and sticks will be assigned to one participant. No equipment will be shared. If participants bring their own sticks, they will need to be sanitized at the doors.
  • Equipment will be sanitized before weekly storage.
  • Sledges will be available by request. Please contact Adapted and Inclusive Services at 416-395-6128 or, two weeks prior to visiting the rink to allow for transport and disinfecting of sledge.
  • Sports equipment will be cleaned and disinfected between user sets or at the end of each class.
  • Participants can bring their own equipment but it must not be shared unless with members of the same household
  • Please celebrate without handshakes, huddles, high fives, fist bumps, etc.
  • Individuals can temporarily remove their mask or face covering to engage in an athletic or fitness activity but need to place it back on when not actively participating, including staff, resting players and spectators.
  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult responsible for their direct supervision.
  • Individuals can temporarily remove their mask or face covering to engage in an athletic or fitness activity but need to place it back on when not actively participating
  • Access to walking tracks will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Railings and other touchpoints will be cleaned twice a day.