Participant Information

When registering for one of our programs, please advise a customer service representative of any medical, behavioral or special needs information that we should be aware of.

To ensure your child’s safety, parents/legal guardians are required to complete one Participant Information Form per child, prior to attending the following registered care programs:

  • After-School Programs
  • Camps
  • Early Years Programs more than one hour in duration
  • Professional Activity (PA) Day Programs.

The Participant Information Form ensures that staff have your emergency contact information and authorization for who may pick-up your child at the end of a program.

Lunch and Snacks

Please remember to pack a nut-free lunch and snacks, plus extras for your child’s extended care. In the event that your child forgets their lunch, where possible, our staff will endeavour to have nutritious snacks on hand that align with Canada’s Food Guide and do not contain common allergens. Staff will notify parents or caregivers when lunches are forgotten.

Before Going on Trips

Trips are fun, safe and supervised, and children are encouraged to attend. We follow trip and transportation procedures that put safety first. Camps will travel by public transit, chartered bus or by foot for most outings.

In order to participate in an outing or trip, an Off-location Trip Permission Form must be completed and signed for each child, and returned to camp staff in advance. Verbal permission will not be accepted.

Parents and/or caregivers who do not wish their child to attend a trip may be required to provide alternate arrangements for their child(ren) for the trip’s duration. Due to our Staff-to-Participant Ratio Policy, staff may not be able to accommodate alternate supervision for participants who don’t attend scheduled outings or trips.

During Trips

During trips we make sure that children are not wearing nametags that disclose their names in public places to protect their privacy. We have program t-shirts, wristbands and other ways to make sure we can identify children.

Taking Pictures or Filming During Programs

The City of Toronto aims to provide safe and accessible parks, recreation facilities and programs that serve a diverse population of residents and visitors. We recognize the public’s desire to capture the special memories made in these spaces by filming and photographing them. Staff will only restrict filming and photography where doing so is necessary to protect the privacy, safety, accessibility and comfort of all users. If you’re not sure, speak to a staff person on site before photographing or filming.

On occasion, there will be an interest in taking photos or videos at programs for future Parks, Forestry and Recreation promotions. Parents and/or caregivers may be asked to complete a Multimedia Consent Form and return it to program staff.

Receiving Updates on Your Child’s Progress

Our staff will give parents and/or caregivers updates on their child’s progress at designated program times, but we welcome you to speak with staff at the beginning or end of a class if you have any questions.

We want to hear from you!

We take quality seriously and are always seeking feedback on our services. Parents and/or caregivers are encouraged to give us feedback on programs and activities at any time during or after their child’s program. Feedback can be provided by speaking to staff after programs, calling the program location or asking to fill out a program evaluation form on site.