Volunteer to become a Registration and Booking Advisor and participate in upcoming consultations.

Your registration and booking experience is changing

The City is currently consulting the public on the transformation of the Parks, Forestry and Recreation program registration and the facility booking system. Information on a variety of upcoming consultations will soon be available so you can help shape the future of recreation.

To make engaging with Parks, Forestry, and Recreation as easy as possible, we are providing in-person, drop-in and digital engagement opportunities. Find out where we’re headed next and ways you can get involved.

Registration and Booking Advisor

Help shape the future of recreation.

When: Four Saturday meetings between April and September 2019 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: Various locations near public transit.

What’s Provided: Snacks, lunch, refreshments and compensation for transit and other services.

Get involved today by emailing engagepfr@toronto.ca or calling 416-392-3042.

Digital Citizen Advisor

Digital consultations allow you use your cell phone, tablet, or computer at any time and from anywhere to have your say. Volunteer now as a Digital Citizen Advisor.

Drop-in Consultations

Drop-in consultations and small group discussions are coming to your neighbourhood and do not require sign up. Visit us at a time and location convenient to you. More information to come.

The City is replacing the registration and booking platform for recreation services. Consultations are planned using a variety of convenient ways so you can provide input from the comfort of your home, drop-in during our pop-up consultations, or attend a small group discussion in a neighbourhood near you.

Throughout the consultations, the following approach will be used to gather and organize feedback.


Identify the need to improve services.


Gather feedback on how services can better meet your needs.


Develop a solution based on what we heard from you.


Invite you to test our proposed solution.


Continue the conversation with you as we refine the solution.