Your registration and booking experience is changing

The City is currently consulting the public on the transformation of the Parks, Forestry and Recreation program registration and the facility booking system. Information on a variety of upcoming consultations is available so you can help shape the future of recreation.

To make engaging with Parks, Forestry, and Recreation as easy as possible, we are providing in-person, drop-in and digital engagement opportunities. Find out where we’re headed next and ways you can get involved.

Drop-in Consultations

Drop-in consultations and small group discussions are coming to your neighbourhood and do not require sign up. Visit us at a time and location convenient for you.


Surveys allow residents to quickly and easily provide us with their feedback.

User Advisory Group

The User Advisory Group (UAG) is a representative group of 20 randomly selected Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PF&R) users that provide input on the new recreation registration and facility booking system.

Digital Citizen Advisor

Digital consultations allow you to use your cell phone, tablet, or computer at any time and from anywhere to have your say. Volunteer now as a Digital Citizen Advisor.

Registration is ongoing for additional Advisors.

The User Advisory Group (UAG) members provide in-depth user feedback during full-day meetings over the course of four Saturdays from May to September.

The UAG complements our other engagement methods, as described in the Ways to Get Involved section. Recognizing that traditional consultation methods don’t always allow for representation from Toronto’s diverse communities, the UAGs have been selected with Toronto’s diversity in mind, while balancing the need to consult with experienced users of PF&R’s services. Following each meeting, PF&R will activate its other consultation mechanisms, including digital and in-person consultation methods, to provide residents with other ways of providing their input and to ensure that the feedback we receive is reflective of the needs of residents.

Each meeting features presentations led by staff with activities facilitated by third-party consultants. The meetings centre on one step of a customer’s journey enrolling for a recreation program or booking space within a facility. This long form of consultation allows us to provide information on the history behind decisions and the parameters under which we operate, and allows for the UAGs to make informed decisions and to provide quality feedback on the transformation of our services.

Meet the members:

Jie L.

Lives in Central Etobicoke where she and her daughter enjoy a variety of recreation programming. Jie herself has taken swimming and skiing programs, while her daughter has participated in swimming, skating, cooking, karate, soccer, drama, and a variety of summer camps. Jie is looking forward to taking advantage of more programs for herself in the future.

Aia L.

Lives in North York and her family has participated in lots of recreation programs including summer camps, swimming, arts and crafts, mommy and baby music, gym, and learn to bike ride. Her kids attended many summer camps including Camp NAORCA and the family enjoys leisure skating at the City’s rinks.

Roye U.

Has been using Parks, Forestry and Recreation facilities and programs for 13 years. Roye’s first experience was booking a multipurpose room for her daughter’s christening. That was a great resource for her because it was affordable and allowed her to direct funds to other aspects of the party. Since then, she has continued to book facilities for birthday parties and religious gatherings. Her children have participated in summer camps, swimming, keyboard, drawing, and cooking classes. Roye is eager to make Parks, Forestry and Recreation programs and facilities accessible to more people so that they can benefit as she has.

Gwen E.

Lives in Leslieville and has been using Parks, Forestry and Recreation programs and facilities for her entire life, starting when she was the baby in baby and mommy swim classes over 30 years ago. As an adult, she takes pottery and fitness classes. Her kids enjoy swimming and dance programs. She hopes to help make recreation registration more simple and intuitive to benefit her fellow citizens.

Juliette C.

Lives in North York and has been using Parks, Forestry and Recreation programs and facilities for more than 10 years. Her family have attended a variety of recreation programs including swimming, gymnastics, ballet, hip-hop dance, guitar, Caribbean dance, piano, and skating. She also books recreation facilities for choir and dance rehearsals. Over the years Juliette has enjoyed being able to watch her children learn and enjoy new activities through the City’s recreation programs.

Ina A.

Lives in North York. Her and her family have been long-time recreation program users and really enjoy the various activities that are offered at their local community centre. She takes yoga classes and her children have tried the gardening program. Ina would like to see Parks, Forestry and Recreation provide more fun opportunities for the entire family so that her and her daughter can take yoga together and connect with other families in her community.

Ambreen A.

Lives in Scarborough and her family has enjoyed many recreation programs including gym, swimming, skating, self-defence, music, Recreation Discovery, and summer camps. She also enjoys baking and pottery. Ambreen books picnic spots in parks and books rooms in community centres for birthday parties and an annual Iftar party.

Omar G.

Lives in Rexdale. He created a competitive youth soccer club and coaches one of the teams. His own children enjoy PFR swimming, karate, and basketball programs, while he and his wife also use City recreation facilities to stay active.

Hazel W.

Is a long-time resident of North Etobicoke and has used recreation programs for herself and for her kids when they were young. She does the adult swim program to stay healthy, and her kids participated in swimming and summer camps. Hazel found recreation programs to be a great way to connect with her community: “You get to meet a variety of people who you normally wouldn’t interact with.” Now that her kids are grown, Hazel looks forward to exploring more recreation programs for herself.

Manal A.

Lives in Scarborough, where she and her family participates in PFR programming. She takes watercolour classes, and her three daughters enjoy cooking, swimming, karate, and science programs. Manal enjoys calligraphy and would like to see recreation programming expanded to include calligraphy, gymnastics and climbing for children and adults. Manal plans to book a camp site for a new kind of summer adventure in 2019.

Assad A.

Lives in Scarborough where he and his whole family enjoys PFR programming. His daughter enjoys swimming and group play programs, while his wife does Tai Chi, Aquafit, and swimming. For himself, Assad has enjoyed swimming programs for two years and though he hasn’t yet, he looks forward to booking a facility in the future.


Has been using PFR programs for four years. She has tried various programs through PFR, including dancing, piano, guitar, and painting.  She has spent lot of time in self-study so she can keep up the course material even when she was unable to register for classes.  Her experience with the PFR painting program was so positive that she plans to go back to school for fine art.  She is now collecting her art work to build up a portfolio for her future application.

Jaimala J.

Lives in North York. She is interested in fitness and together with her family they have enjoyed PFR programs including swimming, cooking, hip-hop dance, karate, summer camps, and Counsellor-in-Training programs.

Archana P.

Lives in Etobicoke and has used PFR programs for swimming and aerobics. Her kids participate in swimming, skating, basketball, piano, and summer camp programs. Archana also enjoys reading and would like to try painting and woodworking.

Ambrose A.

Lives in North York and with his family has enjoyed PFR programs including swimming, skating, and using the gym. He is excited to help the City improve the usability of its recreation services so that families like his can enjoy the programs provided.

Amy D.

Lives in Baby Point and is a lifelong PFR user. She attended PFR programs as a kid and now she uses them for herself (she recently took a Photoshop course to upgrade her skills) and her children. Her young kids have enjoyed swimming lessons, summer camps, and toddler programs. She has also hosted a birthday party for her daughter at a picnic site in High Park. She looks forward to improving the registration system so that her family can continue to use it for years to come.


The City of Toronto, Parks, Forestry and Recreation is one of the largest providers of parks and recreation services in North America. The City offers 80,000 programs with over 600,000 registrations processed, 10.7 million visits and 1.7 million program and permit hours and 500,000 permits for parks and facilities.

Registrations and space bookings are managed through a complex software system that has reached its end of life. While we work to replace the system, we are reviewing all aspects of our current registration and booking processes.

The complexity of the City’s registration and booking system is not just an issue of software – the implementation of this system will also provide the City with an opportunity to review longstanding policies and business practices which impact customer satisfaction.

User Advisory Group

Digital Citizen Advisory