Toronto is the largest provider of recreation services in Canada with thousands of children, youth, seniors and adults visiting our recreation centres, pools, fields and courts to get active, learn new skills and build community. We are continually improving our registration and permitting processes, making it easier for you to access our programs and services.

Continuous Improvements

So far, we’ve reduced the time it takes you to get an open session online, added web-based payments, e-receipts, online ferry tickets, booking of available ice times and sports stadiums and made it easier for grassroots artists and musicians to get park permits.

For recreation planning, we’ve made navigational improvements that will help you to find the right programs for you and your family more easily.

Did you know that in 2009, it took three hours to complete 20,000 registrations; today, the same number of registrations are completed in about 15 minutes?

On average, 70 per cent of the daily total of registrations can now be processed in the first hour of each registration day and we’re increasing those numbers each and every registration period. You will see real improvements in our systems and processes, and we will keep making changes to address your needs.

Get Involved

We’re focusing on improving your recreation registration and we want to hear about your experience. The Have Your Say registration survey will be open until April 2, 2018.

Do you have specific ideas about how we can improve your registration experience? Send an email to with your ideas and advice.

Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #TOrec.