The City of Toronto is asking for your help to test the COVID-19 Chatbot, a new communications tool to help provide information to Toronto residents and businesses in response to impacts they are currently experiencing. The chatbot is a companion to the information that is currently being provided on the COVID-19 web pages on

The COVID-19 Chatbot uses artificial intelligence to simulate a conversation through text chats. In this way, residents and businesses can request information and resources and receive responses in real-time.

At this time, the chatbot is still learning and we are continually updating it with new questions and answers provided by City divisions. In this phase, testing is being limited to certain external business partners, not individual citizens. To avoid any privacy issues, please do not share this link with others.

To participate in the testing phase of the chatbot we are asking that you:

  • Open the COVID-19 Chatbot by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner on this page
  • Test the chatbot by typing in questions on topics that are related to COVID-19. At present, the chatbot includes COVID-19 information related to public health, city services, licensing, and support for businesses.
  • Please do not include any personal or health information in the questions you are submitting to the chatbot.
  • Please provide information from the perspective of the business you represent, and the questions and supports needed during this time.
  • Download and record feedback about your experience with the chatbot on this spreadsheet.
  • We are asking for feedback in two areas:
    • Did the chatbot provide incorrect or unclear answers to any of your questions? If so, please record the question you asked and the answer the chatbot provided in the spreadsheet.
    • Do you have any general comments about your experience using the chatbot (e.g. how it looks, interacts)?

The information you provide will be used to make improvements to the chatbot before it is released to the public.

Send your completed spreadsheet to by Sunday, April 19 at 5 p.m.