Last updated: May 7, 2020 at 10:38 a.m.

Call 311 in the event of an emergency related to an unsafe building.

Following are the procedures during the COVID-19 service disruption period.

Progress inspections in occupied homes by City of Toronto staff are currently on hold. However, if a building permit has been issued (and not revoked) for an occupied home, construction or demolition can proceed in accordance with the permit, provided the owner/agent submits a progress report at each mandatory inspection stage.  Progress Reports dated after April 21, 2020 will no longer be accepted in lieu of a city inspection for all other issued permits.

About the Progress Reports for Occupied Homes

Who can Submit

The report must come from the qualified professional responsible for the design:

  • For Part 9 buildings this means a qualified professional
  • Where the plans were prepared by an Architect or Professional Engineer, the progress reports must be prepared by these qualified professionals

How to Submit

How to submit the progress report:

When to Submit

When to submit the progress report:

Details to be included in the progress report: The report must demonstrate, with supporting documentation (photographs, site visit notes, videos etc.), that the construction was carried out in accordance with the approved drawings and the requirements of the Ontario Building Code.

Photos & Video

Photos and video must be:

  • Of a quality that allows the Chief Building Official to effectively review the work being shown.
  • Accompanied by a statement from the person who took photos or videos that:
    • Provides the: date, time, location of each photo or video
    • Includes a brief description of what is on each photo or video
    • The following signed statement:

I [insert name, title, professional designation etc.] confirm that I am responsible for capturing these photos/videos and they are a fair and accurate depiction of the construction and/or demolition at the time it was ready for the relevant inspection stage.

Reviewing of the report by City Inspectors

  • The report will be reviewed by the Inspector within two weeks of receipt and the owner/agent will be contacted with the results of the review.
  • Should the Inspector find the documentation to be unsatisfactory, the Inspector will deem that stage of construction is not passed. The owner/agent will be informed that the stage is not passed and will be advised what further information and/or clarity is required to pass. If the owner/agent does not abide, then enforcement action, such as issuing an Order to Comply, will be undertaken.
  • If deficiencies are identified by the qualified professional, they must be corrected and a follow up report must be prepared by the qualified professional and submitted to Inspector to confirm that the deficiencies have been rectified.
Important Notes
  • Continuing to construct or demolish beyond the stage(s) of a mandatory inspection will be done at your own risk and peril
  • Ultimately all mandatory stages of inspection will have to be passed when City operations normalize

Construction and demolition without a Building Permit is not allowed under any circumstance under the The Building Code Act, 1992.

If construction or demolition proceeds without a Building Permit, Toronto Building will take appropriate enforcement action. This may include any or all of the following:

  • An order to stop work
  • An order to remove the construction
  • Requirement to provide reports from qualified professionals certifying that the construction complies with the Ontario Building Code and any other applicable law
  • A directive to apply for and obtain a permit immediately following the completion of the City’s COVID 19 response