Last updated: February 24, 2021 at 5:13 p.m.

This guide provides Toronto residents with information about what is required under the provincial Lockdown Regulation – Shutdown Zone and under the Stay-at-Home Order that Toronto remains subject to.

This guide is organized by “Dos” and “Don’ts”. It is important to know that breaches of some of these directions will constitute offences under the provincial regulations.

This guide is not legal advice. To ensure legal compliance with all applicable provincial regulations, individuals and businesses should consult the Lockdown Regulations, Stay-at-Home Order and/or obtain legal advice.

The City’s mask by-law, and physical distancing by-laws in parks and public squares remain in force and it is important to follow public health measures to reduce virus spread.

Call the Toronto Public Health Hotline at 416-338-7600 if you have questions about COVID-19. Translation is available in multiple languages.

Thank you for doing your part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Toronto.

Work & School

Do* Don’t
Stay home at all times except for essential trips, such as work, school, or healthcare visits. Leave your home, except for essential trips or emergencies.
Work from home, except where the nature of the work requires you to be on-site at your workplace. Wear a mask anytime you are indoor areas of the workplace. Forget to wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance from co-workers when you are in the workplace.
Wear a mask outdoors when you are unable to physically distance more than two metres. Get within two metres of someone not from your household while not wearing a mask.
Stay home if you are ill, even if symptoms are minor. Go out if you are feeling unwell.
Attend elementary and secondary school in-person as permitted under Provincial regulations and attend post-secondary school online, except where in-person is required.

Have get-togethers or playdates with friends, either in your home or outside.

Attend in-person tutoring or lessons.

Visitors & Social Gatherings

Do* Don’t
Allow home care and critical personal support services in your home if required for seniors and/or persons with disabilities. Have visitors inside your home who are not required and/or permitted or allow other domestic services except to support children, seniors or persons with disabilities.
Restrict gatherings at your home to people you live with only. If you live alone, you may consider having exclusive contact with one other person/household. Hold or attend indoor organized public events or social gatherings, except with people you live with.
Go for a walk alone or with members of your household to get fresh air and exercise. Hold or attend outdoor organized public events or outdoor social gatherings unless they are for a purpose listed in the Stay at Home Order and have five or less attendees.
Check on vulnerable family, friends and neighbours. Forget to ask those you know who are vulnerable if they need groceries or other necessities.

Household/Child Care

Do* Don’t
Continue to use child care centres and home child care operators and providers. Have children who are not your own visit your home, unless you are operating permitted child care services as defined by the Child Care and Early Years Act.
Use domestic services such as housekeeping, cooking, nannies and babysitters, and maintenance services if they are required to support children, seniors and/or vulnerable persons. Have anyone in your home, other than those permitted under provincial regulations.

Food & Drink

Do* Don’t
Order takeout, delivery or drive-thru from a restaurant or bar, including alcohol, where available. Eat or drink – inside or outside – at a restaurant, bar, or any other establishment where food and drinks are sold.


Do* Don’t
Limit shopping to groceries and other essential items on your own or with another person only as necessary. Only shop for essential items once a week. Go shopping more than necessary or with a group.
Arrange for curbside pickup in advance or shop online at retailers. Shop in-person at non-essential retailers or fail to order in advance for curbside pickup.
Shop in-person only for groceries and other essential items at essential retailers such as pharmacies, grocery stores, convenience stores, discount and big box stores that sell groceries and farmers’ markets and other stores that primarily sell groceries. Shop in-person at non-essential retailers.

Visit malls only where essential businesses are open, such as grocery stores, medical offices and pharmacies, or to pick-up goods purchased from non-essential retailers in advance at designated pick-up areas.

Make an appointment to pick-up goods from non-essential retailers if you will be picking up at the mall’s indoor designated area.

Shop in-person in malls, except for essential services like pharmacies, grocery stores, and supermarkets. All other retailers are closed.
Shop for food at the St. Lawrence Market South (main) Market building and Saturday Farmers Market alone or with one other person if you need help carrying items. Come to St. Lawrence Market with a group or for tourism or leisure activities that could cause congestion or encourage social gathering.

Public & Shared Places

Do* Don’t
Use indoor or outdoor public places that are permitted to be open for essential purposes only. Attend indoor our outdoor public places for reasons other than work, school, essential fresh air and exercise or health and wellness appointments.
Wear a properly-fitted mask and stay two metres apart from others. Forget that there are a number of reasons why someone may be unable to wear a mask, exemptions include age and medical conditions – some of which can be invisible.
Wear a properly-fitted mask and stay two metres apart from others when inside common areas of apartment buildings and condominiums (such as laundry, elevators, hallways, lobbies, etc.) Take off your mask while inside common areas of apartment buildings and condominiums (such as laundry, elevators, hallways, lobbies, etc.)


Do* Don’t
Make use of City outdoor recreational amenities, like playgrounds, tobogganing hills, fitness equipment and designated off-leash dog parks only with people you live with, and stay two metres away from people you don’t live with.

Play or practice team sports.

Meet or gather outside with more than five people.

Use an indoor or outdoor recreational amenity that is required to be closed.

Exercise on your own in your home or outside. Attend indoor or outdoor sports or recreational classes, or go to gyms, fitness centres, dance studios or community recreation centres (certain professional and high performing athletes are exempt).
Go for a leisure skate alone or with members of your household at an outdoor rink within posted operating hours. Play shinny or organized hockey on outdoor rinks at any time nor organize social skates with people outside of your household.

Services, Attractions & Events

Do* Don’t
Attend conferences and special events virtually. Attend events or social gatherings at meeting and event spaces, including special event venues, like banquet halls, hotel conference rooms, and convention centres unless for a purpose permitted by the provincial regulation.
Attend mental health or substance use supports, virtually or at services in-person with a limit of 10 people. Don’t attend meetings unless for a purpose permitted by the provincial regulation.
Attend a wedding, funeral and religious service or rite virtually, or in person with a maximum of 10 people (indoors and outdoors). Hold or attend indoor receptions or other social gatherings associated with any religious service, wedding, funeral or rite, except with members of your own household or one other person, if you live alone.
Go to a community centre for permitted child care and child care programs, mental health or substance use support services (up to 10 persons), social services and other community supports, such as to use a public washroom. Use a community centre for any reason other than the permitted purposes.
Visit the Toronto Zoo through their virtual programming and visit High Park Zoo and Riverdale Farm online. Visit Toronto Zoo, High Park Zoo or Riverdale Farm in person.
Experience museums, art exhibits and other attractions online. Go to museums, art exhibits, cinemas, theatres and other attractions in-person.
Go to a library for curbside pickup or drop off of books or for permitted child care and child care programs, mental health or substance use support services (up to 10 persons), social services, where provided. Enter library buildings for any reason other than for permitted purposes.
Attend medically-essential health care appointments for services like physiotherapy and massage. Consider personal grooming alternatives you can do at home. Attend personal care services such as hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, tanning studios, tattoo parlours and other cosmetic services.
Schedule appointments in advance and use curbside pick-up and drop-off for pet grooming services required to prevent veterinary care. Use grooming services for cosmetic reasons or enter businesses offering these services.
Use pet walking services only if they are essential to the health of your pet. Wear a mask and practice as much physical distancing as possible while using curbside pick-up and drop-off. Use pet walking services for reasons other than essential needs.

City Services

Do* Don’t
Pay property tax and utility bills on time online or by mail, and apply for building permits online. Attend a City facility. All City facilities and buildings are closed to the public.
Access City services online at or through 311. Register online for public consultations or to make a public deputation at a City committee. Attend a City facility. All City facilities and buildings are closed to the public.
Obtain a marriage licence – in-person by appointment only – at North York Civic Centre Try to get married at City-run Civic Centre wedding chambers as they are closed.


*All permitted activities are subject to the requirement to comply with public health guidance, mask regulations and the City of Toronto public distancing by-law, where applicable.

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