Last updated: March 14, 2022 at 3:19 p.m.

Vaccination is a key public health measure to ensure a safe return to campus and residences for all staff, students and faculty of post-secondary education institutions and student residences.

People who are vaccinated are less likely to get infected with COVID-19 and spread it to others. While there is a chance that people who are vaccinated may become infected with the virus, they are much less likely to experience severe illness and become hospitalized.

The following Toronto Public Health (TPH) toolkit is a summary and collection of COVID-19 vaccine resources for post-secondary education institutions and private student residences to be used as part of public health planning and policy development.

Approved vaccines

See Toronto Public Health’s COVID-19 vaccine eligibility & doses.

Vaccines received outside of Canada/Ontario

Individuals who live in Toronto and received a first or second dose outside Ontario are encouraged to document their vaccine so it can be uploaded to the provincial database and to review information for people who received a vaccine outside Ontario to determine if an additional dose is needed.


Assess your setting’s risk of transmission by considering the following:

  • Does your community have a high vaccination rate?
  • Are staff and students required to be in close contact with others?
  • How long and how often are staff and students in close contact with others?
  • Does your setting have physical barriers when staff and students cannot keep distance from each other, good ventilation and personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect workers?
  • Do you have staff, students, or faculty who may be at risk for severe illness from COVID-19? Some people may have reduced immunity due to age, pre-existing health conditions or medical treatments.
  • Is your setting able to offer alternative work for people who require accommodation?
  • How will your setting accommodate people who test positive and need supports?

See Toronto Public Health’s COVID-19 vaccine information for employers for more information.

Post-secondary institutions can encourage staff and students to get vaccinated and can support increased vaccination uptake with a few simple steps:

  • Lead by example and get vaccinated.
  • Share your reasons for getting the vaccine.
  • Consider recruiting vaccine champions to help staff and students understand the benefits of getting vaccinated.
  • Post information about nearby vaccination clinics in common areas.
  • Offer flexible work hours, or paid time off for employees to go get vaccinated.
  • Consider using incentives for voluntary disclosure. of vaccination status.

Post-secondary institutions are encouraged to engage with Toronto Public Health to promote vaccination and establish vaccination clinics on campus.

Individuals looking to get immunized can visit the City of Toronto COVID-19: Where to Get Vaccinated website for more information including on vaccine eligibility, how to access their vaccine, and more.

Institutions seeking to partner with Toronto Public Health for onsite COVID-19 vaccination clinics in their student residences and on-campus are invited to complete a short survey. TPH staff will call or email you within three business days to confirm the details of your request and clarify any additional information required.

Mobile Clinic Request Intake Form

Download this information as a PDF.

Also read a letter to post-secondary institutions on optimizing COVID-19 vaccine coverage in post-secondary institutions and congregate student living settings.