Before the Interview

  • Research the position, the division’s values and business plan by checking the Internet, relevant bylaws and organizational charts
  • Ensure that you ask for details about the position, location and the duration (if temporary position)
  • Ask for the contact person’s name and phone number in case of an emergency
  • Advise the contact person if you have a disability and need any special accommodations to participate in the interview

Arriving for the Interview

  • Arrive five to ten minutes early to complete any necessary paperwork
  • Bring your reference names and phone numbers
  • You will be advised whether you have to take a test immediately before or after the interview

During the Interview

  • Interviews are usually conducted by more than one person (a panel)
  • Each panel member takes turns asking very specific job related and behavioural based questions.
  • Your answers should be specific, detailed, thoughtful, succinct and well delivered
  • Panel members will be taking notes during the interview
  • You can ask for a question to be repeated or to provide an answer to a question later
  • If a pen and paper are provided, you have the option to briefly note down your thoughts before responding to the question
  • At the end of the interview, ask questions, make additional comments or ask when you will be notified of the interview results
  • Thank the panel members for the interview opportunity