To lead and manage staff involved in the preparation of construction tender documents, requests for proposals (RFPs) for design and design/build assignments, requests for proposals for professional services assignments, and request for quotations; the issuance of payments in accordance with contractual commitments; and to manage the storage and archiving of tender and contract documents including RFPs and proposal submissions.

Major Responsibilities:

Develops and implements detailed plans and recommends policies regarding program specific requirements.

Manages, motivates and trains the unit’s staff, ensuring effective teamwork, high standards of work quality and organizational performance, continuous learning and encourages innovation in others.

Supervises the day to day operation of all assigned staff including the scheduling, assigning and reviewing of work. Authorizes and controls vacation and overtime requests. Monitors and evaluates staff performance, approves salary increments and recommends disciplinary action when necessary.

Develops, recommends and administers the annual budget for the unit, and ensures that the unit’s expenditures are controlled and maintained within approved budget limitations.

Cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within the unit, evaluating program delivery on an ongoing basis in consultation with staff, senior management, service users and partners and implementing and managing change improving effectiveness and efficiency.

Ensures excellent customer service is provided to both internal and external customers.

Acts as the Division’s principle liaison with the Procurement and Materials Management Division (PMMD), Insurance & Risk Management and Legal Services staff on matters related to tender calls and requests for proposals, and the execution of the corresponding contracts and agreements.

Leads preparation and ensures completeness of construction tenders, requests for proposals for professional services assignments, requests for proposals for design and design/build assignments, and request for quotations submitted to PMMD for the procurement of services.

Ensures that all pre-tender activities inclusive of required approvals and permits have been performed and/or obtained in advance of the issuance of construction tenders.

Acts as the Division’s liaison in the preparation of contractual agreements, ensuring they are complete in accordance with corporate and legal requirements; and ensuring the inclusion of appropriate cost recovery arrangements with third parties, on projects delivered by the Engineering & Construction Services Division, on their behalf.

Provides oversight in ensuring that payments are made in accordance with contractual and statutory obligations for construction contracts and professional services agreements.

Provides Commissioner of Oath the services for contractors’ and consultants’ progress payment Statutory Declaration related to the completion of the contract/assignment.

Leads the review, preparation and processing of progress payments for construction contracts and payments for invoices for professional services contracts managed by the Division. Ensures that payments are made in accordance with contractual and statutory obligations for construction contracts and professional services agreements; and that all appropriate holdbacks are retained.

Oversees the provision and tracking of lien searches in compliance with the Construction Lien Act; and provides written notices to contractors and consultants with respect to liens in accordance with the Construction Lien Act.

Provides oversight in ensuring progress payments are appropriately logged, tracked and kept current within the Project Tracking Portal System, and ensures accurate reporting of project financials to client divisions and third parties.

Provides support to senior management in the preparation of contract documents related to cost sharing arrangements and payment schedules with third parties including the Toronto Transit Commission, Waterfront Toronto, Build Toronto, Metrolinx, Utilities,the Digital Map Owners Group (DMOG) and the development industry.

Acts as the Division’s liaison, in collaboration with the Policy, Planning, Finance & Administration Division, on issues and matters related to payments associated with contractual commitments, project expenditures and cost recoveries, with staff from client divisions: Transportation Services, Toronto Water, Solid Waste Services, City Planning, Economic Development, Parks Forestry & Recreation; and third parties including the Toronto Transit Commission, Waterfront Toronto, Build Toronto, Metrolinx, Utilities, DMOG and the development industry.

Prepares documentation and business cases for cost recovery of projects completed on behalf of third parties.

Leads the preparation of year-end liability statements and account reconciliation for all capital and operating budget projects (contracts, professional services agreements and purchase orders) administered by the Division.

Ensures the proper storage and archiving of tender documents, executed contract documents, RFPs and corresponding proposal submissions.

Prepares technical reports and staff reports to Standing Committees and/or Council, and material for public education/communication purposes, as may be required.

Represents the Division/Cluster/Corporation at meetings with the public, clients, stakeholders, Councillors and their staff, Standing Committees, Community Councils, City Council, court proceeding, and on internal and external committees.

Maintains a continuous and thorough knowledge of current corporate and other divisions’ issues and initiatives.

Participates on various committees, task forces, project teams, etc. as a divisional representative.