To lead and manage staff, and oversee all aspects of the planning, engineering, financing, and delivery of the City’s major strategic municipal infrastructure projects, such as roads, sidewalks, streetscaping, TTC tracks, utilities, sewers and trunk sewers, watermains and transmission mains, watercourses, and stormwater management infrastructure.

Major Responsibilities

Develops and implements detailed plans and recommends policies/procedures regarding program specific requirements.

Conducts research into assigned area ensuring that such research takes into account developments within the field, corporate policies and practices, legislation and initiatives by other levels of government.

Develops, recommends and administers the annual budget for the unit, ensuring that expenditures are controlled and maintained within approved budget limitations.

Manages, motivates and trains the unit’s staff, ensuring effective teamwork, high standards of work quality and organizational performance, continuous learning and encourages innovation in others.

Supervises the day to day operation of all assigned staff including the scheduling, assigning and reviewing of work. Authorizes and controls vacation and overtime requests. Monitors and evaluates staff performance, approves salary increments and recommends disciplinary action when necessary.

Cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within the unit, evaluating program delivery on an ongoing basis in consultation with staff, senior management, service users and partners and implementing and managing change improving effectiveness and efficiency.

Conducts comprehensive research and analysis to support engineering design, construction, and financing option development and implementation. For projects delivered via Alternative Financing and Procurement: participates in the identification and development of applications for funding from other governments and the private sector; participates in the negotiation and administration of contracts with external service providers such as Infrastructure Ontario, private sector partners, and specialized engineering, financial, and professional services providers; supports the delivery of strategic municipal infrastructure projects by providing expertise related to project planning, procurement of engineering services, pre-design, public consultation, public and stakeholder notification, engineering survey, engineering design, project management, preparation of construction tenders, contract administration, obtaining regulatory approvals, securing property easements, construction inspection and quality assurance; oversees and directs financial, legal, traffic management, insurance, technical, scheduling, and quality assurance and quality control; ensures tenders, contract management contracts, consulting assignments and agreements with financial advisors conform with current City standards and procedures;
contributes to the procurement of the Owner’s Engineer; contributes to the development of the Project‐Specific Output Specifications (PSOS); contributes to the procurement of the private sector partner; identifies and participates in value engineering opportunities and contributes to the preparation of Value for Money and risk analyses; facilitates and contributes to all aspects of the procurement process, including the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP), to procure a private sector partner; participates in the evaluation of RFQ and RFP submissions by providing subject matter expertise related to policy and planning, engineering, legal, financing, and / or operations; contributes to the commercial and financial negotiations with the preferred private sector partner.

Develops and implements detailed plans and recommends policies, engineering and financing frameworks and provides strategic advice regarding program specific requirements.

Provides direction and guidance to internal staff and external service providers, including processes and tools to increase efficiencies and improve effectiveness of the services provided by the unit.

Leads, motivates and manages internal staff and external project teams, applying sound project management methodologies including full work plans with defined scope, schedule, timelines, requirements for projects undertaken by the unit, timelines and deliverables.

Manages strategic and effective relations with other governments and government agencies and partners, as required.

Facilitates effective teamwork, conducts performance reviews and ensures high standards of work.

Ensures the implementation of projects, including reporting, scheduling, risk management, quality assurance, business case analysis and development, and estimating.

Tracks decisions, related reports and activities which impact the project, and provides advice and analysis on their implications.

Ensures project budgets and delivery are within approved financial and time commitments.

Prepares comprehensive reports and presentations to Committees of Council, community and stakeholder groups.

Prepares technical reports and staff reports to Standing Committees and/or Council, and material for public education/communication purposes, as may be required.

Manages external service providers, ensuring effective teamwork, high standards of work quality and organizational performance. • Ensures excellent customer service is provided to both internal and external customers.

Provides technical expertise, and oversees the planning, development and implementation of condition assessments, engineering designs, construction, operations and maintenance associated with the City’s municipal infrastructure and strategic infrastructure, including roads, sidewalks, streetscaping, TTC tracks, utilities, sewers and trunk sewers, watermains and transmission mains, watercourses, and stormwater management infrastructure, in collaboration, as appropriate, with staff from Transportation Services, Toronto Water, City Planning, Economic Development & Culture, Parks, Forestry & Recreation, TTC, Toronto Hydro, and other utility companies; and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, and Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

Responsible for developing, updating and maintaining an asset management system for the City’s strategic municipal infrastructure, including updating infrastructure data inventories: infrastructure condition assessment, risk assessment, life cycle costing, and integration of activity and costing data from asset owning division’s work management systems.

Provides input to condition assessment and infrastructure planning studies; and provides oversight of the internal and/or external engineering design assignments associated with the rehabilitation or reconstruction of the City’s municipal infrastructure and strategic infrastructure including roads, sidewalks, streetscaping, TTC tracks, utilities, sewers and trunk sewers, watermains and transmission mains, watercourses, and stormwater management infrastructure, in collaboration with internal City staff, external stakeholders, and service providers, to identify short and long term needs, leading to the financing, design, construction and operation of the works.

Provides input to the development of the capital budget and plan for the asset owning divisions to address rehabilitation, reconstruction and expansion needs for the City’s municipal infrastructure and strategic infrastructure.

Ensures that contract documents are developed in conformance with the City’s current standards and specifications, and ensures quality and safety of work performed, adherence to schedule and approved budgets.

Ensures that all necessary approvals/permits are obtained from regulatory authorities, and funding approvals are secured prior to tendering of contracts.

Oversees and leads negotiations regarding claims and litigation arising from construction or professional services contracts, to ensure a fair and equitable resolution.

Provides input to engineering designs, drawings and specifications for projects undertaken by the unit.

Oversees the development of Request for Proposals, and the proposal evaluations for consulting engineering, financial advisory services, and/or contracted professional service assignments led by the unit.

Authorizes and ensures the accurate and proper preparation of progress payments, and documentation and justification for change orders to consultants and contractors; and the issuance of substantial performance and completion certificates to contractors.

Contributes to the development of key performance indicators for the unit. Responsible for monitoring and regular reporting, including key performance indicators and assigned performance targets, on the capital program and projects delivered by the unit.

Provides oversight and ensures effective project management with defined scope, schedule and requirements for projects undertaken by the unit.

Participates as may be required in policy and technical guideline development related to the City’s strategic municipal infrastructure.

Keeps abreast of technological advances and trends, economic factors, and regulatory requirements associated with asset management, planning; and financing for municipal infrastructure; and prepares reports as may be necessary related to condition assessments, renewal needs, financing strategies and external funding opportunities.

Assists with the development of Emergency Planning initiatives and provides expertise during emergencies which may impact or be impacted by safety concerns associated with the City’s strategic municipal infrastructure.

Represents the Division/Cluster/Corporation at meetings with the public, clients, stakeholders, Councillors and their staff, Standing Committees, Community Councils, City Council, court proceeding, and on internal and external committees.

Prepares documentation and business cases, as may be required, for cost recovery of projects.

Maintains continuous and thorough knowledge of current corporate and other divisions’ issues and initiatives.

Participates on various committees, task forces, project teams, etc. as a divisional representative.