February 6, 2018

City of Toronto and Toronto Media Arts Centre (TMAC) Joint Statement


The City of Toronto and TMAC have come to an agreement regarding the community arts and cultural space at 36 Lisgar Street.

This agreement, which is still subject to approval by the Court, will resolve the legal action.

Highlights of this mutually-accepted resolution include:

  • TMAC is required to comply with certain provisions to provide additional certainty to the City that TMAC will be able to successfully operate the Cultural Space for the benefit of the community.
  • If TMAC meets or exceeds these obligations, it will have the right to complete the purchase of the arts and cultural space.
  • If it does not, TMAC has agreed to leave the space voluntarily and the City would either find an alternate arts organization to take the space, or would take ownership of it itself.
  • In the interim, the City is allowing TMAC temporary occupancy of a portion of the arts and cultural space.

It is excellent news for all of us that Toronto will now have this space where creativity can flourish for the benefit of the immediate local community, the cultural sector, and the city as a whole.


Patrick Tobin, City of Toronto
Director, Arts & Culture Services Economic Development and Culture

Henry Faber, President, TMAC