• Toronto had about 9,400 litter/recycling street bins across the city, and 10,000 litter/recycling bins in City of Toronto parks in 2017.
  • Gum was the most prevalent small litter item (less than 10 centimetres in length, width and/or height).
  • Cigarette butts are the second most prevalent small litter item.
  • Overall, there was a slight increase in large litter (greater than 10 centimetres) in 2017 compared to 2014. However, the volume of litter has slowly but steadily decreased since 2002.
  • Paper towels, napkins and serviettes are the most common large litter item.
  • The City services street litter bins based on need — in some instances twice a day.
  • The size of the street litter bin openings is designed to prevent people from putting bags of their home garbage into the public bins.
  • Residents are asked to report full or overflowing street bins to the City’s 311 call centre.

Clean Toronto Together

Clean Toronto Together is an annual litter removal program conducted each spring. It includes City divisions cleaning streets, parks and watercourses, and more than 1,000 community-led cleanups in public spaces across the city.

Community Cleanups

From April 21 to 23, 2017, the broader community contributed to Toronto’s spring cleanup through the annual Community Cleanup Days and the Corporate and School Cleanup Day. About 200,000 residents participated in about 1,092 cleanups across Toronto, including:

  • Community cleanups: 333 events with 10,028 participants
  • Corporate cleanups: 238 businesses and 6,825 of their employees
  • School cleanups: 521 schools and 176,369 students

City of Toronto

During the four-week spring blitz in 2017, City staff from various divisions deployed more than 300 pieces of equipment, including 60 litter vacuums, 37 sweepers, 13 front-end loaders, 18 d‎ump trucks, 73 pickup trucks, 20 sidewalk sweepers, two power washers, 92 Parks and Forestry vehicles and several Toronto Water trucks. Solid Waste Management Services removed more than 737 tonnes of litter during the spring cleanup in 2017. City staff from various divisions cleaned up 1,127 square metres of graffiti vandalism, and mechanically swept 3,020 kilometres of roads. The following items were also removed:

  • 319 tires
  • 2,026 old posters
  • 544 abandoned bikes
  • 799 white metal discarded appliances, and 49 abandoned shopping carts.

More information about litter is available from Solid Waste Management.

More information about Clean Toronto Together.

Media Contacts

Solid Waste Management: Ashalea Stone, Strategic Communications, 416-392-8306, ashalea.stone@toronto.ca
Clean Toronto Together: Valerie Cassells, Strategic Communications, 416-660-1712, valerie.cassells@toronto.ca