Council Highlights is an informal summary of decisions made by Toronto City Council. The City Clerk provides the complete, formal documentation of Council’s meetings.

January 30 and 31 Council Meeting

Housing Now, expanding supportive housing and services, cycle tracks, planning for heat relief services, Tenants First, Bills 5 and 66, Toronto Islands Advisory Committee and more.

March 27 and 28 Council Meeting

Toronto's transit system, secondary suites, location of municipal shelters, housing allowance program, site plan reviews and more

April 16 and 17 Council Meeting

King Street transit, plans for transit expansion, Toronto's share of gas tax, seniors housing, public health and more

May 14 and 15 Council Meeting

Impact of the provincial budget, Toronto Public Health finances, Council response to Ontario's Bill 108, maintenance of apartment buildings, future of Ontario Place and Exhibition Place, and more

June 18 and 19 Council Meeting

City of Toronto as a construction employer, realignment of transit responsibilities, the City's 2020 budget process, regulation of firearms, loss of rental rooms, managing clothing boxes and more

July 16, 17 and 18 Council Meeting

Transformation of Toronto Community Housing, Vision Zero 2.0 road safety plan, updated plan for cycling network, licensing of vehicles for hire, child care in Toronto, laneway suites and more

October 2 and 3 Council Meeting

Climate and environment, road safety, guns and violence, housing, licensing and standards, diversity, social and health issues, and more

October 29 and 30 Council Meeting

Toronto transit projects moving ahead, preparing for automated vehicles, pedestrian safety, plan for recreation facilities, cyber security, child-care funding and more

November 26 and 27 Council Meeting

Funding for Toronto Community Housing, RentSafeTO and apartment maintenance, poverty reduction action plan, governance issues, a long-term parks strategy and more

December 17 and 18 Council Meeting

Funding for city-building efforts, housing action plan, innovation in long-term care, a public art strategy for Toronto, relocating Etobicoke Civic Centre and more