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September 20, 1999

To: Planning and Transportation Committee

From: City Clerk

Subject: New Practices for the Review of Development Applications


The York Community Council on September 14, 1999, recommended to the Planning and Transportation Committee, that:

(1) with respect to the process for community consultation, that the community meetings be chaired alternately by the Ward Councillors if the process is implemented during this current term of Council;

(2) the Ward Councillor be responsible for chairing the community meetings, during the next term of Council; and

(3) regarding the Proposed Site Plan Approval Process, that the Ward Councillors notify planning staff of their absences or unavailability, to allow the Councillors to submit comments on their return and to Abump-up@ the issue to the Community Council, if necessary.

The York Community Council also:

(a) requested the Ward Councillors to submit their individual comments to the Planning and Transportation Committee for consideration at its October 4, 1999 meeting; and

(b) held a public meeting regarding this matter.


The York Community Council on September 14, 1999 had before it the following communications:

(i) (July 30, 1999) from the City Clerk, forwarding the report (June 25, 1999) from the Commissioner of Urban Planning and Development Services regarding New Practices for the Review of Development Applications, which the Planning and Transportation Committee referred to the Community Councils for review and comment back to the Committee for consideration on October 4, 1999 and requested that each Community Council schedule public deputations on this report;

(ii) (August 25, 1999) from the Administrator, Planning and Transportation Committee, forwarding a memorandum (July 30, 1999) from Councillor John Filion, Ward 10, regarding suggested amendments to the planning process; and

(iii) (September 1, 1999) from Mr. Jim Murphy, Director of Government Relations, Greater Toronto Home Builders'Association, indicating the Association's support in principle for the commitments in the report (June 25, 1999) from the Commissioner of Urban Planning and Development Services, to implement best practices across the new City; and advising that there are specific concerns and further suggestions for improvement and believe that the report Aas a complete package@ should be approved by the Community Council, the Committee and finally City Council, with further suggested improvements flowing from the Urban Development Roundtable; submitting comments for consideration on Draft Plan and Site Plan Approvals, Subdivision Approval, Site Plan Control; and advising that the GTHBA supports the various initiatives to streamline the process and add value to the approvals system through the following recommendations detailed in the staff report:

- roundtable sessions with key staff to identify and resolve issues quickly and use of formal and informal dispute mechanisms throughout the process in order to avoid costly referrals and appeals for both the City and builders;

- the case management system that assigns ownership and responsibility for an application to one staff member;

- the Aone-window@ approach should establish timeframes for responses and the turn-around timeframes should include a deadline that assumes there were no concerns from an agency regarding the application if no comments were received by the deadline' the Acase manager@ however, should take an active role in soliciting comments from circulated departments before this deadline;

- that the Association supports the delegation and condominium approvals innovations as proposed by the report; and

reiterated that the GTHBA supports in principle the recommendations of the report and recommends that Council approve these needed improvements to the process.

- Ms. Marjorie Sutton, Mt. Dennis Community Association, appeared before the Community Council in connection with the foregoing matter, and expressed concerns regarding recommendation (5) in the report (June 25, 1999) from the Commissioner of Urban Planning and Development Services, viz:

(5) Council request the Province of Ontario to amend the Planning Act to delete the requirements for a public meeting in conjunction with plans of subdivision.

City Clerk

York Agenda Item Nos.24(A),(B)&(C)

Glenda Jagai



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