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October 18, 1999

To: Planning and Transportation Committee

From: James Ridge, Acting Commissioner, Urban Planning and Development Services

Subject: Fees for Ambassador Class Taxicab Licences


To establish fees for the Ambassador Class Taxicab licences to December 31, 2000.

Financial Implications and Impact Statement:

The Licensing component of the Municipal Licensing and Standards Division will operate on a cost recovery basis, as allowed by law.


It is recommended that:

(1) Council approve an initial license fee of $775.00 for an Ambassador Class Taxicab license; and

(2) the appropriate City officials be authorized and directed to take the necessary action to give effect thereto.


At its meeting on July 29, 1999, Council passed By-law No. 478-1999 which created the Ambassador taxicab class of licence for the City of Toronto.


This class of taxicab licence will be issued to taxicab drivers on the Waiting List who have successfully completed the new Ambassador Taxicab Training Program. The recommended fee was arrived at after review and testing of the cost recovery model used by the former Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto to establish licence fees. The fee is a reflection of direct costs associated with all taxicab licences and also includes costs associated with the application/issuing process and the management of the Taxicab Drivers' Waiting List.

The licences will expire on December 31, 2000 and a renewal fee for year 2001 will be set when the overall 2001 licence fees are calculated. Based on the fee model, it is expected this renewal fee will be in the range of $600.00 to $650.00. It is anticipated that a revised fee model will be introduced as part of a plan to undertake a review of the licensing By-law in the year 2000.


Ambassador Taxicab Class license fees should be set at $775.00 for the year 2000 with renewal fees to be determined as part of the calculation for the general 2001 licensing fees.


Bruce Robertson


Municipal Licensing and Standards, Taxi Industry Unit


James Ridge

Acting Commisssioner

Urban Planning and Development Services


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